Monday, January 23, 2012

Update - Tube Integrated Amplifier - Yaqin MC-10L EL34

This is a follow-up to my review of the Yaqin MC-10L tube amplifier that I wrote eight months ago. This review continues to draw quite a bit of traffic to, so I know people are reading the initial review, and the emails and posted comments indicate it was helpful. 

I'm pleased to report that this amplifier continues to perform very well. So well, in fact, that I'm removing my McIntosh MC 2105, C32, and MR 78 components from the office and am going to use the Yaqin amplifier exclusively for that music system. Both systems were hooked up through the same pair of KEF Reference Two speakers, but space issues are forcing me to remove one set of components, so the McIntosh gear is going into another room. 

Not that the Yaqin sounds better than the McIntosh, but the Yaqin fits well on my desk and its simplicity makes it ideal for that environment. As to which system sounds better - between the McIntosh and the Yaqin, I'd have to say that the McIntosh wins for long-term listening enjoyment, but it's only after months of switching between the two that I have confidence in that conclusion. The two systems sound slightly different, but both are very good.

I've got Spotify and Pandora subscriptions, and am still using the Theta DAC off of my computer's digital coax output to deliver analog signals to the Yaqin. Between these streaming services and my mp3/FLAC library, I never have to look for for a particular tune. The Yaqin sounds great across all musical genres and file types, and although I don't play music at high volume levels in that space, the few times I have cranked it, the amp retains its clarity and provides a decent punch.

The Yaqin was a good deal when I purchased it, and now, being fully burned-in after many months of 3X/week use, I consider it even a better value and an impressive addition to my collection.

Please chime in if you've purchased a Yaqin as a result of this or my previous post. I'm curious to hear all of your stories - good or bad.


  1. Hello, I have owned the Yaquin MC10-L for approximately 2 years. I have changed the power tubes to JJ KT77's and the pre-amp tubes to ECC85 RTF's from Tube Depot. The amp is powering Vandersteen 2Ce's in my basement. It has no trouble driving these speakers as loud as I choose. The sound is wonderful but I have no other amp to compare it with.
    My system uses the Denon DL103, Rega 25 with cardas tonearm wires & Project Tube box ( the original one ) with Telefunken tubes connected with Kimber hero's.
    I highly recommend this amp for the cash strapped audio fan.

  2. I own the Yaqin MC10-T, and I agree that the sound is great. I haven't had mine that long, but it came highly recomended at the store I bought it at. The owner uses one, and sells a ton of them. I had been using an old McIntosh 16oo, and the sound on the new one is so close that I really can't tell which one I like better. They each have their own sound. Both excellent. I finially, after weeks of testing put the mac into storage. The tubes in the mac are all original, as it didn't get much use, but I am sure they are getting weak after 40+ years< plus the outputs are NLA, so when they do go, an expensive mod is needed to use replacments, and I am skeptical that a modded amp with different tubes is going to sound as good. The Yaqin fits on my desk better and is super simple, which is nice.

  3. I,m thinking about buying the Yaqin MC-10T.
    Does anyone know if this amp will sound nice on my Magnat Quantum 705's? They are 92db and sound great with my Luxman LV105.
    And could someone explain the difference in sound between for instance a Luxman LV105 and a tube amp like the Yaqin MC-10T?

  4. I bought this amp many years ago and have been very pleased with it's performance. I have Pro Studio musical instrument dual 15 inch speakers connected to each channel and wow does that amp do them justice. I do not turn the volume up past 3/4 because at that level the whole house shakes and I fear things will be falling off the shelf to their destruction. I have a vacuum tube collection that would surely go bouncing off the shelves of the bookcases.



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