Thursday, November 26, 2015

Royal Dane Console Stereo

This post was written by a community member. I thought you might like to hear the history of this console stereo and see the photos he sent. If you have a story to tell about your stereo, please send it in - hificollector88 [at] gmail  --Thanks!

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Original Sales Receipt

January 1966 Photo of the Royal Dane

Great-looking Tuner!


I noticed your webpage and thought I would share the story of my HiFi console.

My great grandfather served in WWII and when he was released, he went into coal mining. He worked very hard for everything he owned and was very proud of a lot of his purchases. He always wanted high quality and so he would only drive Cadillacs and only buy what he thought was the best of the best.

On September 11, 1963, he purchased his HiFi console new from Reichart Furniture Company in downtown Wheeling, WV. This console is a Curtis Mathes Royal Dane model 930C. He really loved this console and would use it constantly over the years. He passed away in the winter of 1988, but my great grandmother and grandmother wanted this console to remain in their possession and continue to play it these years later in remembrance of him.

This past January my grandmother passed away and being the last member of the house, my family decided to sell the property. I took possession of the Royal Dane and continue to use it regularly. It sounds gorgeous and has been well-maintained. I have yet to find a console of this era to match this console's sound and performance and still functions perfectly over 50 years later.

I have attached a couple of pictures of the Royal Dane and part of the original receipt of the console.



  1. That is a very heartwarming story. An article chosen because if its quality, very well cared for, and still in the family after all this time, providing musical enjoyment, and a reminder of family who are no longer around.
    That is a piece of hi-fi furniture with a soul.
    Best Wishes

  2. That's AMAZING!!! What a beautiful unit and great history! What amp/preamp is in it?

    1. Thank you! This console is great! To be honest about the amp/preamp, my knowledge of this era of audio equipment is somewhat limited. I know it states it's a "Curtis Mathes 30C AM-FM chassis" on the amp. It has a green eye tube that is fully functional. It contains 4 12ax7's and 4 6bq5's tubes and has a separate power supply located behind the right speaker assembly with a much larger tube. It has a few input options built into the amp for tape and television. It has 95 watts per channel. Each speaker assembly holds 4 5" tweeters, an 8" and a 12". If you have any more questions, I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability or can send additional photos.



  3. Great, a real gathering place for all vintagers! I just love it, Sound and equipment from '60-80-es never died, what especially we 50+ oldies have never given up on. By myself only and my whole garage filed by 7 pair loudspeakers (JBL, Infinity, B&W, KEF etc) , 3 turntables, a gang of amplifiers (Quad, NAD etc.. ) can never accept 5-6-7+1 surround - quazi sound of just one only reason: I have just 2 ears! Thanks guys for one more pleasant web site we can discuss diverse issues as well as appreciate that the real Hi-Fi trend is on its way back.



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