Sunday, January 10, 2016

Vintage Audio Store - Long Beach, CA

Well... after collecting vintage audio for a couple of decades, I finally discovered a store that sells vintage gear, and it's practically in my back yard!

Cherry Vintage Audio is in Long Beach, California and is owned by a knowledgeable, amiable man named Albie. He has solid state amplifiers, tape decks, turntables, receivers, pre-amplifiers, and speakers, as well as various other items like speaker selectors, stereo manuals and brochures. 

Visit the Web site HERE. If you're ever in Long Beach, please stop by, and, by all means, tell him that Tom from HiFiCollector sent you. Thanks!


  1. was a pleasure meeting with you! Cheers. ~Albie

  2. Tom...just a quick note, I've moved (same warehouse, different and much larger space, look for the green doors in parking lot) and have two new showrooms, air conditioned! Well stocked with over 100 pieces of gear... most everything is hooked up for easy auditions. Stop by sometime if you have a chance. Thanks. ~Albie



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