Sunday, December 25, 2022


JUST FOR YOU - The Vintage Audio Enthusiast!

I partnered with QuietMoon Press to create this one of a kind Vintage Audio Inventory, Repair Log, and Wish list book that's geared just for the audio enthusiast. 

Of course it can be used to inventory ANY items and the cover would appeal to the vintage audiohead inside of all of us.

Here's the link to share and the QR code to copy and share with your vintage audio friends. 

Thank you and enjoy. 

OH! and did I mention it costs about the same as a fast food burger? $6.97!

Link to purchase on

From the publisher:

This log book can be used for ANY electronic gear or ANY items that require simple inventory counts and repair history.

It's the perfect gift for the audio lover!

Keep your vintage audio gear in perfect working order with our Vintage Audio Inventory and Repair History Log. With room for hundreds of items and features like a wish list and note pages, this log is the perfect companion for any serious gear head. Its 6" x 9" size makes it easy to store anywhere and the glossy cover helps prevent any accidental stains. Get your Inventory and Repair History Log today - rock on!

Key Features:

  • Inventory of Items - Room for 663 items
  • Repair History - Room for 216 items
  • Wish List - Room for 90 to 255 items (depending on how you use the spaces)
  • Note Pages - 18 pages of medium-ruled blank note pages at the back

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