Sunday, June 4, 2023

McIntosh MC2205 and C32 - Pure Bliss


I just had these two McIntosh units serviced and partially-reconditioned. The MC2105 amplifier had some issues - switches, capacitors, etc. The C32 was thoroughly cleaned and I believe some rewiring had to be done to correct a prior botched repair. Both sound great now. Had them back from my repair guy for a couple of months before I finally got around to hooking them up and listening to them. 

They sound splendid. No more noise coming from the preamp - the volume pots are all super quiet now, as well. 

I have them hooked up to a pair of Klipsch RP600M speakers. 

And yes, before you ask... I am using them FOR NOW to stream via Bluetooth from my phone and iPad. :D

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