Sunday, February 15, 2009

Receivers - Yamaha CR-440

Like the high-tech display stand? I may not be the biggest fan of early Yamaha sound, but they sure make good-looking units. This was one of the final "classic-looking" Yamaha receivers and was produced in 1980 and 1981. Only 30 watts per channel, but had that simple elegance that many collectors appreciate.

How does it sound? This unit needed some contact cleaner sprayed on all the pots (potentiometers - volume and tone controls), but once cleaned it sounded fine. Yamaha receivers to me sound very natural (perhaps their "Natural Sound" marketing claim is true?). Unlike the BIG sound of Pioneer or the bass-heavy sound of a Marantz, these sound uncolored and clean. These can be had for $30 on eBay, so go get yourself one!

If you have any photos, video links, or stories about your Yamaha CR-440, please leave a comment or email me.

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  1. I have one of the you know anyone looking for one? still works, but it's been stored now for 5 years plus and i just came across it. needs a good cleaning.
    email me @ came across this site looking for what year the item is and what it's worth. I'm in Philadelphia.


  2. i just put 5 way bidding post on the back.The is part of system 4 on the sceen porch.with some what they called "large advents".

  3. It will be always work. its is a quality equipment. Many buyers are confuse to buy a electronics equipment but if you can see quality brand like Yamaha Receivers which provide better surrounding sound effects.

  4. I just bought a CR440 on eBay and paid $45 for it. Came from AZ and had no oxidation issues with controls. It did have a light out. Everything else worked though.

    I am a big Sansui receiver and Technics turntable fan. I bought this Yamie for my second system to test out Technics turntables I sell. My main system has a San. G5500 receiver, which I love. Initially I wasn't impressed with the CR440, but the more it played, the better it seemed to sound. Probably in hibernation for a few decades before it arrived? Any way, it now has a much better sound. Always liked this generation of Yamaha's looks.

    It is has a much better sound than my early 90s Yamie 40W receiver. Might keep it around for awhile-it is kind of growing on me. Kind of pales to the G5500 though.

  5. hi
    have a yamaha cr-440. apperanty one stk is broken. looking for a pair.



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