Sunday, January 10, 2016

Vintage Audio Store - Long Beach, CA

Well... after collecting vintage audio for a couple of decades, I finally discovered a store that sells vintage gear, and it's practically in my back yard!

Cherry Vintage Audio is in Long Beach, California and is owned by a knowledgeable, amiable man named Albie. He has solid state amplifiers, tape decks, turntables, receivers, pre-amplifiers, and speakers, as well as various other items like speaker selectors, stereo manuals and brochures. 

Visit the Web site HERE. If you're ever in Long Beach, please stop by, and, by all means, tell him that Tom from HiFiCollector sent you. Thanks!

Monday, December 28, 2015

JVC M71JW - Stereo Cassette Player and Bluetooth Boombox

I was planning on selling this on eBay, but might just keep it. Pretty cool Bluetooth speaker!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Acoustic Research AR3A Speakers - The "Keeper" Pair

Double-boxed, with packing peanuts separating the outer box from the original AR3A boxes inside

Original AR3A box, showing packing material

Grill cloth looked near-perfect. 

Unfortunately, I'll have to replace the cloth, as it was so brittle, it tore in a couple of places around the edge while removing the grills. I am purchasing 18-count ivory-colored linen off eBay as a substitute for the Irish linen that AR used on these grills. The Irish linen in this thread count is no longer available. 

Cabinets are in very good condition.

According to the original owner, the grills were never removed, and the drivers show no impact-damage from shipping or grill-bump of any kind. 

The early, Alnico magnet version of the AR3A used cloth surrounds. Later versions used Urethane and foam surrounds that deteriorated over time.

I received a pair of Acoustic Research AR3A speakers from the original owner, who is a reader of this blog. The tone controls in the back of each speaker need repair/replacement, and the crossovers will likely need new capacitors and/or resistors as, after 45 years, they have no-doubt drifted wildly out of spec. 

The cabinets are pristine, and the drivers look fine. I'm taking them to Orange County Speaker this week and leaving them there so they can test them out and work on them. 

I'll create another post with information and pics as I move forward with this project. 

Ever own a pair of AR3 or AR3A speakers? Have something to contribute? Please leave a comment below. Thanks!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Royal Dane Console Stereo

This post was written by a community member. I thought you might like to hear the history of this console stereo and see the photos he sent. If you have a story to tell about your stereo, please send it in - hificollector88 [at] gmail  --Thanks!

*** *** ***

Original Sales Receipt

January 1966 Photo of the Royal Dane

Great-looking Tuner!


I noticed your webpage and thought I would share the story of my HiFi console.

My great grandfather served in WWII and when he was released, he went into coal mining. He worked very hard for everything he owned and was very proud of a lot of his purchases. He always wanted high quality and so he would only drive Cadillacs and only buy what he thought was the best of the best.

On September 11, 1963, he purchased his HiFi console new from Reichart Furniture Company in downtown Wheeling, WV. This console is a Curtis Mathes Royal Dane model 930C. He really loved this console and would use it constantly over the years. He passed away in the winter of 1988, but my great grandmother and grandmother wanted this console to remain in their possession and continue to play it these years later in remembrance of him.

This past January my grandmother passed away and being the last member of the house, my family decided to sell the property. I took possession of the Royal Dane and continue to use it regularly. It sounds gorgeous and has been well-maintained. I have yet to find a console of this era to match this console's sound and performance and still functions perfectly over 50 years later.

I have attached a couple of pictures of the Royal Dane and part of the original receipt of the console.



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