Thursday, November 26, 2015

Royal Dane Console Stereo

This post was written by a community member. I thought you might like to hear the history of this console stereo and see the photos he sent. If you have a story to tell about your stereo, please send it in - hificollector88 [at] gmail  --Thanks!

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Original Sales Receipt

January 1966 Photo of the Royal Dane

Great-looking Tuner!


I noticed your webpage and thought I would share the story of my HiFi console.

My great grandfather served in WWII and when he was released, he went into coal mining. He worked very hard for everything he owned and was very proud of a lot of his purchases. He always wanted high quality and so he would only drive Cadillacs and only buy what he thought was the best of the best.

On September 11, 1963, he purchased his HiFi console new from Reichart Furniture Company in downtown Wheeling, WV. This console is a Curtis Mathes Royal Dane model 930C. He really loved this console and would use it constantly over the years. He passed away in the winter of 1988, but my great grandmother and grandmother wanted this console to remain in their possession and continue to play it these years later in remembrance of him.

This past January my grandmother passed away and being the last member of the house, my family decided to sell the property. I took possession of the Royal Dane and continue to use it regularly. It sounds gorgeous and has been well-maintained. I have yet to find a console of this era to match this console's sound and performance and still functions perfectly over 50 years later.

I have attached a couple of pictures of the Royal Dane and part of the original receipt of the console.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

STE - SouthEast Technical Enterprises - 1962 Amplifier

The compact, stylish design of these amps flies in the face of "bigger and better" amp designs of the early 1960s. STE didn't quote power specifications. Instead, they claimed their amps would deliver room-filling, clear sound. 

Can't get much simpler than this.

Had to do some research on this one. STE - SouthEast Technical Enterprises manufactured stereo amplifiers in Clearwater, Florida in 1961 - 1963, possibly longer. These dual mono amplifiers were tied to a power source in a nice wooden cabinet. I picked this unit up at a flea market in Carpinteria, Ca, along with a Heathkit FM-4 tuner, which I'll get to in another post.

This had problems - power fluctuations caused uneven sound in both channels. I unplugged it and mothballed it for not. It's a unique piece, worth keeping around, but it won't be making music without some serious help. 

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Great Vintage - YOUR New Online Vintage Stereo Marketplace - Opens Tomorrow! Feb 20th.

Launch Tomorrow!

When we launch the vintage stereo site on February 20th, you'll find A Great Vintage is ready to accept your Ads for vintage stereo gear. The site isn't coming pre-loaded with dozens of stereos for sale. As a brand new site, it's up to your to post Ads and get things rolling.
Simply register for the site, then click on the Post Ad link on the right side of any page.

NEW! Appraisal Service

As the owner of, I get many emails per month from people who want to know the value of their audio gear. A Great Vintage will offer a reasonably-priced appraisal service. For only $5 per inquiry, I'll research your item and email you with an estimated fair market value. You'll be able to submit items for appraisal from the "Appraisal Service" link on our site when we launch on Feb 20th.

Lots of exciting features to look forward to! See you in one week.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pioneer SA-9100

This is my Christmas present to myself. A friend called me two days ago and said he had an "old Pioneer amplifier" that he wanted to unload. As soon as I saw the picture he texted me, I realized I had to make the 25 mile drive to pick it up - quick!

He inherited this from the original owner who bought it new in 1973. The heritage is exactly what one looks for when purchasing 40-year-old gear - one owner and well-appreciated. This shows virtually no signs of wear. The case and front panel are pristine. Took the knobs and switches off and electrostatically cleaned them using Simple Green as the solution. Wiped the cabinet down with furniture polish. Sprayed Caig tuner cleaner on all pots, switches and worked them well to help ensure static-free use.

I'm sure the electrolytic caps are dried up, but these old Japanese units hold up really well. It still sounds nice. This could be a candidate for full reconditioning. Stay tuned.

Power output: 60 watts per channel into 8 ohms (stereo) Frequency response: 10Hz to 70kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.1% Damping factor: 70 Input sensitivity: 2mV (mic), 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line) Signal to noise ratio: 70dB (mic), 80dB (MM), 90dB (line) Output: 150mV (line), 30mV (DIN), 2V (Pre out) Speaker load impedance: 4 to 16 ohms Semiconductors: 63 x transistors, 30 x diodes Dimensions: 430mm (17") x 138mm (5.5") x 341mm (!3.5"). Weight: 13.6kg (30 lbs). Year: 1974. The above was copied from HiFi Engine.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Vintage Stereo Online Marketplace - Newsletter Sign-Up


The Vintage Stereo Online Marketplace that I've promised will launch shortly after the first of the year! 

I've created a weekly newsletter to keep you informed of the progress, so please sign up. It's free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

The newsletter will give you valuable information that you won't find anywhere else. It will also be the recuiting ground for the site testing that I'll need, so if you want to get in on the ground floor of this new site and test it out for me, you'll need to subscribe.

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Tom Jordan


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