Monday, June 1, 2020

Klipsch RP 600M and Yaqin Tube Amplifier - Like Butter

Although not vintage, the Klipsch RP 600M speakers have a classic appeal and look great alongside the Yaqin MC-10L EL34 tube amplifier. I have this system fed through a AudioQuest DragonFly DAC hooked up to my computer as well as an older iPod. Still breaking the speakers in, but they sound very nice. It's a great system to glance over and admire while working from home these days. 

By the way, Amazon has six of these Klipsch left in stock and the price for the black option is amazing right now. Click HERE to see. (Posted May 31, 2020).

Monday, April 27, 2020

Pioneer SX-850 - Vintage Receiver

This lovely Pioneer has been sitting on a shelf for over two years, covered, of course, with only the finest Peruvian Llama fleece and kept temperature controlled and humidity free. You'd have to see my storage unit to fully appreciate the sarcasm here. At any rate, I had stowed it away because it had some sort of problem, but, after playing continually for two days straight, I haven't been able to duplicate any of its ailments. Quite honestly, I don't remember what the problem(s) were, so perhaps I'm speaking prematurely.... 

Maybe it was ME who had the problem two years ago and I should have been the one relegated to a garage shelf. It's too late to debate that now... carrying on...

At a modest 65 watts per channel, this 1976 beauty outputs clean, natural sound. All dial and indicator lights are working, which is a rarity for gear this old. The cabinet is in exceptional condition. I'll try a turntable and the tuner later this week, as time permits. Keep an eye open for an update. 

Here's what has to say about this model:

For those interested, my Facebook HiFiCollector group is topping off at over 5K members now and I encourage people to post photos of their gear there, so... what are you waiting for? :)

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sony TA-5650 Integrated Amplifier

Grabbed this Sony TA-5650 from the front lawn of a neighbor during a yard sale. Watch the video to hear what I paid for it. Great-sounding unit, especially for a 45 year old amp. 

Any experiences with this amplifier? Chime in with your stories in the comments. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Join 5,000 Other Vintage Audio Enthusiasts in Our Facebook Group!

If you're not already one of the 5,000 + members of the Facebook group.... WHY not? :)

Hop on over and join. Lots of great photos, Q & A, and audio discussions.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Kenwood Super Eleven

1980-81 Kenwood Super Eleven - 125 wpc into 8 ohms, a true monster. Not the heaviest, not the biggest, but the black face and knobs combined with the multitude of superfluous controls (reverb, echo) this beast holds its own as one of the last of the true monsters.  


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