About HiFi Collector

I created this site because I couldn't find many resources on the Web for vintage stereo collectors, enthusiasts like me that aren't as interested in the technical aspects of the equipment as the stories behind it. There are plenty of forums, which have their value, but I always want photos, personal stories about peoples' collections, and opinions on their sound. This site is an attempt by me to create what I've been looking for.

Unless otherwise noted, all the photos and videos you see are from systems I've owned, currently own, or from visitors who have submitted them.

I encourage comments on my posts as well as photos and video links of your vintage audio components along with their stories. You can email me your photos, video links, and stories by sending them to HiFiCollector88 [at] gmail.com.

This site is constantly growing; I have dozens of systems yet to post, so subscribe and check back often.

Thanks for visiting!


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