Sunday, February 15, 2009

Speakers - The Advent Loudspeaker

It's not that Advent invented the best loudspeaker ever created when The Loudspeaker hit the stage in 1976 (circa), it's that it sounded so natural, so good for its price. Here's the Stereophile review from '76. I've talked about how I like my receivers to have a little coloration in their sound, but I like my speakers to deliver only what I send them - hypocritical? Maybe. Perhaps that's why I like my JBL L100 Century, but LOVE my Advents. See my JBL Century review HERE.

The "Loudspeaker" came in two sizes (these are the large ones), and a couple of cabinet finishes. Even the nice cabinets were very reasonably-priced. The pair in the photo were recently re-edged at
Orange County Speaker. They do an excellent job, and I have earned the HiFi Collector recommendation badge of approval!

Here's a great forum thread on how to identify your Advent Loudspeakers.

Have any photos, info, stories on your Advent Loudspeakers? Please leave a comment or email me.

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  1. I own the large Advent Speakers with the upgraded real veneers, just as in your photo. They have the original inward surrounds, which are falling apart, and they still sound smooth and fantastic. I also owned another pair of large Advents with the surrounds replaced (on top of the fiber board masks). Not done right as I think this prevented full movement of the cones. They did not sound nearly as good (not smooth) as the set with the originals. Have not been able to find inward surrounds, so I am not looking forward to having to replace them. In the meantime I will enjoy them along with my Bose 501's which I just put on real wood veneers, and my Marantz 900's.

  2. Yours is the "new" Advent Loudspeaker which came out in 76, not the same as the older original Large Advent reviewed by Stereophile. The "new" version claimed to have a somewhat hotter more extended tweeter and a revised woofer that was a bit tighter but less rich in the bass compared to the older Advent. Opinions differ but Advent fans tend to opt for the older model which had a bit more character and somewaht warmer mids. Absolute Sound loved the original Advent but pissed all over the "new" version. Don't know why as both versions sound equally good to me although different in overall balance. Perhaps the mids have just a a bit more magic on the old ones but the treble is not as airy and extended.



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