Sunday, March 15, 2009

Speakers - Infinity InfiniTesimal Reference Standard 01

The EMIT - Electro Magnetic Induction Tweeter, found its way in many Infinity speakers - from these tiny InfiniTesimal models, to the Reference Standard series and the kings of the Infinity line, the IRS Beta's. EMIT tweeters used a very powerful Samarium Cobalt magnets covered by a thin diaphragm. It was a ribbon style tweeter that was very light, thin, and super fast. Although not indestructible, they had a very clear high end.*

How do they sound? Tight, light, and great when paired with a subwoofer. These are great little stand-alone speakers for piano, some classical, and some jazz, but to rock out, you'll want a sub to suplement the bottom end. They are accurate, clear and crisp though - quality speakers, and surprisingly heavy for their size.

I have to get mine repaired. It wasn't until I removed the grill and took these pictures that I noticed the dust cap has separated from the cone. You can see a close up of this HERE. I just noticed something else. The woofer with the dust cap problem is a replacement. The original woofers for these is a clear, milky colored polycarbonite like the other one in the pair. I did some side-by-side sound checks, and there is a slight difference in sound between the two, but nothing too dramatic. Oh well :)

If you have any photos or stories about your EMIT tweeters or InfiniTesimal speakers, leave a comment or email me.

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* Thanks to Bobby Shred's Inifinity speaker pages.


  1. I love my EMIT tweeters which I acquired a few days ago. I have a bi-amp setup - my current system is:

    Asus Essence STX sound card with opa2107 opamps
    Marantz PM7003
    Ashly crossover
    Yamaha A-700 (old 80's 100wpc class A amp)

    Basically home built speakers which consist of large 80's Marantz cabinets, Canton crossovers, emit tweeters, Canton 5 inch mid/woofers and cheap 80's 12" drivers :-)

    The PM7003 drives the emit and the canton mid/woofer. I run a line-out from the PM7003 to the Ashly which crosses over at about 200hz, and the Ashly feeds the lower frequencies to the A-700 which drives the cheap 12 inchers.

    I originally had canton tweeters in my cabinets, but put the EMITs in, and the result is a much smoother sound - the emits seem to be very sweet in the upper range and not harsh. All I want to do now is buy a pair of decent 10" - 12" inch drivers for my cabinets, and I'll be very happy.

  2. Hi, I have a pair of the Infini Tesimal
    speakers and was wondering what they are worth, any ideas?

    1. Fair price should be $300 to $400 depend on physical & cosmetic condition.

  3. Depends entirely on condition. These can go as high as $400 per pair to a collector. Mine sold for $275/pair. Slight imperfections in the cabinet/grill and a replaced woofer. Thanks for reading!

  4. I was actually looking for a pair in good working condition,,, tweeter diapham good, no woofer buzzing... if anyone is looking to sell at a REASONABLE price please contact
    I used to sell audio years ago and always liked the look of these... Thanks

  5. I have a pair of Infinitesimals that I would be willing to sell. One woofer was replaced. It was a factory part, but looks different than the original. Extra EMIT tweeter diaphragms. In good shape considering their age.

  6. Brad, if you haven't sold your Infinitesimal .01's, e-mail me @'m in the market for a less than perfect pair. Thanks, George

  7. have a pair of 0.2 Infinitesimals,just redid the enclosures ,and have to say they came out quite well, original ,dual voice coil woofers, and the emit tweeters, just saw a pair went on ebay for 900.00 that looked no where near as good as mine ,could that be true ,cause i will sell them

    1. Michael--

      If you've still got your Infinitesimals for sale, I'd like them!


  8. Hi Michael - These are worth whatever a collector wants to pay. In great shape, expect to get $300 - $600 a pair. If you can send me a photo or two I can better assess value. Thanks.

  9. The first picture with the black top and bottom is 0.3 and has different woofer than 0.1 just for clarification



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