Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Turntable - Denon DP-1200

Here's another case where I could use the help of the burgeoning HiFiCollector.com community to help me fill in information on this item. I know it's semi-automatic, has gorgeous (yes, I'm a dude and can say gorgeous) wood veneer finish, but beyond that and how well it tracks, that's all I know. It's currently the only turntable I have set up with a system, and it sounds great with my main loft system - McIntosh MC2100, Adcom preamp, and KEF 105.2 speakers.

If you have any information or stories on the Denon DP-1200 turntable, please leave a comment or email me.

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  1. I am anxious to see the feedback as well. I just inherited a DP-1200 and am initially impressed.

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the manual? I would like to make sure it is set up properly.

    Lastly, I could use some expert advice. I now have the DP-1200 and a Denon DP-52F. Both are in beautiful shape [I'm a guy too, can I say beautiful? - LOL] but I only have space for one TT. Which should I sell?

    Thanks in advance for sharing.

  2. sell the 1200 you cannot get any parts for it should it need a repair.

  3. can find a manual at vinylengine but parts are hard to find. repair or service manual is available.

  4. Thanks. I ended up selling the Denon about a year ago.




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