Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speakers - RSL RogerSound Labs Mystery Speakers

Here's another opportunity for the community to chime in and help me identify some gear.

From what I can tell from photos on the Web, these are not the 2600 nor the 3600. They have the same square tweeter design of the 2600, but clearly have 12" woofers - the distinctive (JBL mimmicked) white with black cap and accordion surrounds.

These sounded horrible. Found them at a thrift shop and noticed right away the rattling coming from within the cabinet. Plugged them into a receiver and there was no bass. So, either the magnet fell off the woofer or the crossover got dislodged and yanked some wires loose inside. Either way, not worth salvaging. The 3600 model were very close in appearance and sound to the JBL Century L100 line. Some company info on RSL HERE.

Have any photos or stories about your RSL speakers? Please leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. There were several versions of the 3600's. I had a pair that had the rattle from within and found it to be the inductor for the woofer. It was still wired in so I just hot glued it back on. I collect RSL speakers and found them to sound very nice especially the CG-6's (better then the later CG-6a's) and the Elan's.

  2. Just a week ago I picked up a pair of RSL 4200Bs at a thrift store for 40 bucks. Other than they're model, I know nothing about them, nor can find anything about them online anywhere. All I could tell is that they're three way with ribbon tweeters. They've got wraparound cloth that's glued on and I don't have the ability to pull it off and re-glue it properly, so I haven't as of right now. Just sent the new RSL people an email so I'll have to wait and see what comes out of that. For what it's worth, they don't sound that bad actually. They're not quite at the level of my Infinity RS-4bs, but for 40 bucks, they're good enough to keep...

  3. Recently picked up a pair of RSL 4200Bs for 40 bucks at a thrift store. I don't know anything about them except that they're three way with ribbon tweets. Haven't found any info online either so I emailed the current RSL people about them. Will have to wait and see what I can get from them...For what it's worth, they don't sound that bad actually. Not on the level of my Infinity RS-4bs (which are pretty much the exact same size so there's no discrepancy there), but for 40 bucks, they're good enough to keep...

  4. Those mystery RSLs might be model 3300 monitors, an older line with the same three way 12" woofer setup as the 3600. The square tweeter is different than my 3600s and I've seen a photo tour showing 3300s coming off the line as far back as 1974.

  5. I just picked up a pair of these and I think I’m going to refurb them. Really like the cabinets. Drivers are OK. Would like to re-cap them also but the current caps are blank….no value on them. Anyone have an idea what the values may be for these?

  6. To me, they look like they could be first version of the RSL Studio Monitor. They use dome tweeters made by Isopophon. The caps may be an 8 & a 2.
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    RSL Speaker Systems

  7. i have a rsl hi definition speakers and works, sound beauty my email is



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