Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheaper Speakers?

More gear photos tomorrow starting with a wicked Philips Preamp, but I thought I'd present an article that lists affordable, modern speakers.

What are your favorite non-vintage speakers? Have any from 1990 - now that you wouldn't trade for a pair of DCM TimeWindow 7, Dahlquist DQ-10, or a JBL 4310 ?

Leave a comment or send me an email with some photos to hificollector88 [at], and I'll post your choices in a special entry for all to see.

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  1. There are some good designs out there, but they just don't build them like, they used to, most use mdf or particle board & some even use plastic these days, i prefer high quality cabinet grade plywood.....

  2. I'm pretty fond of Paradigm Titans- a lot of bang for the buck and they tend to disappear despite their diminutive size.

  3. Just came across an Enigma Minx speaker made by Vic Lipton of Star Audio in Toronto (1960-1980). The drivers are from Audax in France. A two way with an 8" woofer and a 1.3 (fabric) mid-range tweeter. According to Audax site the optimum box size is 2 cubic feet to obtain a 30 Hz bass response. Max power is 70 watts DIN, I think about 35 watts RMS.
    Ported with a 2: inch hole and a 7" tunnel tube to get that optimum bass response. Sound just as good as my Energy Pro-22's and just as bass defined as my Original Advents.

    Nice bass, clear transition, sounds awesome even at 1 watt.



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