Monday, May 25, 2009

Receiver - Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 1900

My Favorite System of the Week Award goes to: The Bang and Olufsen Beomaster 1900 receiver. Sorry for the stock photo - I wasn't able to get a good photo of the unit before storing it in my closet.

This beauty was launched in 1976 and was a huge departure from the more traditional gear designs of the day. . .or any day, for that matter. There may come a day in the distant future where this fits in perfectly within “normal” household decor, and I’ll betcha the keys to my flying car that it will still work perfectly then as well.

I have to wait a few days for the 2-pin DIN plugs to arrive so I can hook up my standard speakers to it. I also ordered a 5-pin DIN/RCA adapter from eBay so that I can hook up a standard CD player. This is the perfect size to fit in our guest bedroom. I can’t wait to plug it all in and test it out later this week. There are many sites on the Web describing this unit, so I’ll point you to this one for starters. Stay tuned for a full report and listening test.

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  1. I still have mine: amplifier/tuner, cassette deck and turntable and speakers. I am moving to Australia (current 220v). Can I Use it with a transformer? Do you recommend I get accessories for it before I leave. What should I get to plug in my ipod?

    Is it worth my taking overseas? If I sell the lot, what are they worth?

  2. How much is the beomaster 1900 worth these days?



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