Sunday, May 10, 2009

Receiver - Nivico 5003

Another quick-trade from a couple years ago – this Nivico 5003 sounded fine, but at least one dial light was out. Found a guy on CL who wanted to trade for a pair of refinished Klipsch Heresey cabinets. Couldn’t resist.

Just the facts, m’am:

Nivico 5003
1968 – 1972

- Weighted flywheel analog "slide-rule" tuning
- System 1 & System 2 speaker selectors
- 5 Band, "S.E.A." (Sound Effects Amplifier) Graphic EQ for tone control
- Tone Control Defeat for bypassing the EQ, giving the purest signal path to the amplifiers
- "Loudness" function to boost Bass and Treble in relationship to Mid frequencies at lower volume levels for a much fuller sound.
- FM DX / Local switch
- FM Muting with rear located Muting level adjustment (very rare option) (separate from Stereo / Mono selector)
- Stereo / Mono selector (for the entire pre-amp section, not just the tuner and separate from FM muting selector)
- Built-in Hi & Lo Cut Filters
- Phono input with rear located Magnetic / Ceramic cartridge selectors for each input

Have any photos or stories about your Nivico 5003? Please leave a comment or send me an email and I'll share them with our community.

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  1. My brother did several tours in Nam. When he came home on a furlow, he had this receiver and other great stuff. Over the years, the equipment was damaged. I would like to purchase another receiver in the near future.



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