Monday, June 1, 2009

Mac Attack!

Or is it Mc attack? Either way, I've rediscovered McIntosh audio components and I'm having a blast. One of the things I like most about McIntosh gear (and there's a lot to like), is the heritage of the product line. There are many loyal McIntosh owners, going back decades, who carry the legacy of the products with them and share with people in all sorts of ways on the Web.

While doing research on McIntosh gear and local repair shops, I stumbled upon a store/repair facility in Monrovia, CA that has a museum packed with all kinds of high-end vintage gear, including many, far-out turntables. Take a look at the Brooks Berdan Audio Museum. It would have been nice to somehow label the items shown, but, as it is, it's almost as much fun to try to test your vintage gear knoledge and take guesses.

I'll be back in a day or two to share my new McIntosh amplifier, preamplifier, and soon-to-be-delivered tuner/preamp with you.

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