Friday, June 12, 2009

Receiver - Fisher 395b

Another fine specimen from the late 1960s, the Fisher 395b receiver. Rare? I don't know for sure, but if Google is any indication. . .well, here - go ahead and type "Fisher 395" into Google and see what comes up. Want a laugh? Try typing "Fisher 395b". This page will probably be the only result of your query.

So, with little-to-no information on this item I'll need the help of the community to fill in the blanks.

In the meantime. . .How did it sound? Old. This unit, like so many others in my collection, needed some serious TLC which I was unable to provide. I did trade this unit to a buddy for a pair of DCM 400 speakers - nice deal. Unless of course this Fisher turns out to be part of the private collection of one of the engineers - a one-of-a-kind prototype worth millions. Naw. . .

Have any info on the Fisher 395b receiver? Please leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. I have acquired a "dumpster" treasure - a Fisher 450-T. The case on this one is just black metal, so I don't know if the wood case is missing or was an option. The unit works well, but the left channel on the amplifier is very noisy (fine with earphones). Any suggestions would be welcome.


  2. Hi Mike! I have lots of T-Fishers from the sixties and, while amplifier problem can account for noise, much of scratchy, uneven sound can be traced to problems in the ceramic pot used on many of those great receivers. A cleaning will often do the trick. I have similar issues with my 210-T. The volume control has tracking issues. I am not a skilled technitian else I would try to fix it myself. Anyway, try gently and slowly moving volume control up and down, try changing position of the input selector, i.e. go from aut1 to 2 and then back. If there is corrosion you can often find a weak point and get by it. I just use my DVD players remote for volume control. Hope this helps!



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