Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuner - The Fisher 101-R

Occasionally I come upon a piece of audio history and don't recognize it for what it is until months or years after it's gone. Such is the case of the Fisher 101-R tuner. I had this but for a short time, and relished its warm, rich tones. . .then traded it for an A/V receiver!

I should have listened to the caretaker of the estate sale when she told me it was rare and valuable - ". . .yeah, I've heard all that before. . .here's my $50 bucks, take it or leave it." Wow - she wasn't just fabricating a sales pitch - she was right! Live and learn.

How DID it sound? Warm, rich, tube-y, you know, all the good stuff. This was the precursor to the Marantz 10 and 10B according to THIS site. This Fisher could use some work as it didn't hold a station too well, but hey - it was 47 years old!

Have any stories of "the one that got away" regrets? Any more info on The Fisher 101-R? Please leave a comment or send an email.

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