Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Speakers - JBL 4312 Control Monitors

New additions to my JBL collection, these 1985 4312 control monitors are sonically close to my L100 Century and L166 Horizons. These came with decent cabinets and a blown (non-working, anyway) LE5-12 midrange. I replaced the mid temporarily with an LE5-8 from my JBL Decades, and I can't tell any difference in sound. In the meantime, I've got a bid on a replacement OEM LE5-12 mid on eBay.

How do they sound? As mentioned above, nearly indistinguishable from the L100. Powerful, full-bodied bass and overall a great rock and roll speaker. Not neutral, but forward in almost all aspects - bass, mids, and highs. That's okay though. If I want neutral, I'll listen to my DCM Timeframe 600 or Advent Loudspeakers.

By the way, these were manufactured, from 1982 - 1985 or so. I know these were 1985 because that was the year stamped as part of the date on the blown midrange.

Have any info or pictures of your JBL 4312 control monitos? Please send me an email or leave a comment.


  1. I have a very good pair of JBL 4312 Control monitors from 1985. I have a surround sound system in my walls and don't have anywhere to put them. I've had them in my closet for months and they need to be used and appreciated!
    Very Good Sound!
    Please email tvharris@aol.com

  2. i had a PERFECT condition pair of 4312'S which i just lost in a bad house fire...i'm very sad about this :(

  3. I have a pair of JBL 4312's... absolutely love them. Sad to see a pair lost in a fire.

  4. I have a pair to list on ebay. 1 tweeter is pushed in on one, though. Amazingly enough it did NOT affect the sound quality no rattle, nothing at all. should be a fairly easy fix.

  5. bought my pair in iceland back in 1985 while on deployment in the navy. still using them as monitors for my primitive home studio. they were right in my face in the garage but just moved indoors this week. now that they have a little room, i remember why i like them so much.

  6. Just found 2 pair in a garage of a remodel job ...

  7. I have had my JBL4312 Control Monitor speakers since 1982 ... I use them in my home studio ... they are great ... unfortunately my NAD7150 amplifier just stopped working ... I bought that at the same time as the speakers ... I'm hoping the new NAD amps have the same punchy bottom end as old faithful ... I am about to find out !

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  9. I got a set of jbl 4312a I got from a friend. one of the botton coners has watter damge.. but its not to bad .. I was thinking try fine a box off ebay.. but I think im not going worrie about it.. u got to go up and look . it to see it.. but I love them ..I crank it up!! im a poorboy on a fix income.. but I whould like to know why you can not hear the tweeters to good on both? the mid range blows them away! I think thay need be replace.. o the grills do suck..brake to easy.. forgive my spelling..



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