Thursday, July 16, 2009

Speakers - Rogers Studio 1

Found a beautiful pair of these British Rogers Studio 1 in their original boxes. Cabinets are 8.5/10 and drivers are 9/10. These early eighties speakers sound so nice. Surprising bass response for an 8" 3-way, and smooth across midrange as well. Drivers courtesy of Celestion with a HF1300 tweeter and KEF with their smooth-sounding T27 mid. The woofer is a Rogers original design.

From what I've read, these were the "cousins" of the BBC studio monitors.

These are far too classy for my messy garage. Must find room in the main house or guest cottage for them :) Uhh huh!


  1. I've had a pair of Studio 1's for a couple of years. A guy had them sitting in his garage. They were covered in cobwebs and looking very forlorn. All they needed was a bit of cleaning and some oil for the cabinets and they were ready to go. Luckily the seller also had the connectors for the speaker wire. They currently serve as my mains. I'd never part with them.

  2. I hava a pair of Studio 1s which I have had for about 30 years. I have tried to replace them (my wife hates the look of them, she calls them "Woodstock generation speakers", but have found nothing comparable under about $5000.

  3. Greetings... these still around?

  4. Sadly no. I traded them for a Pioneer receiver some time ago.

  5. I managed to purchase two pairs for £150. One in teak and one pair in walnut with original boxes. The walnut pair had been re-coned by Rogers and are in mint condition. I sold one pair on for nearly £500 and use the walnut pair with a krell Kav 300 amp and cd player. They sound amazing.They are a big box tho but vintage is the way ......

  6. Hello
    about ROGERS STUDIO 1
    I would like to know how is the high mesure stands, from the floor
    to the speakers base.
    many thanks to you all

  7. I have my Studio 1's on the stock metal stands and they are exactly 12" tall x 12" wide x 12" depth.

  8. One of the best British speakers of it's time. The early 80s was a great time for British speakers. It was an era of evolution and refinement of some of the pedigree classics to the best they ever sounded, the Studio Ones being a perfect example. Later on everything changed. Speakers reduced in size, sported metal tweeters and a smaller, more high tech sound replaced these venerable classics. Things sounded more analytical and tighter but somewhere the beauty also got lost.



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