Wednesday, August 26, 2009

UPDATE: BOSE 1801 Power Amplifier

I've had this BOSE 1801 power amp for nearly three weeks now, and it's time for a well-deserved update.

This unit is working exceptionally well. I was able to eliminate the low-level hum/buzz (noticeable only when the gains were cranked to full), by manipulating the 1/4 mono input plugs a bit. They are finicky, and it would probably be an easy job to open up the case and just replace them from the inside - perhaps a weekend project, stay tuned.

I'm convinced that the previous owner(s) kept the meter lights off or perhaps replaced them sometime along the way, but in any case - I'm sure glad they work. Who isn't a fan of BIG VU meters?

The sound is clean, natural, uncolored. . .(searching for another synonym). Yes, I'm VERY pleased with this BOSE unit. I also purchased a very clean reprint of the Operator's Manual which provides an unusually-detailed setup guide for such a simple piece of equipment.

Someday soon I'll buy the diodes and caps this needs and take it in for a high-level reconditioning - enough to keep it singing for decades to come.

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