Monday, September 14, 2009

Community Photos - Ls3/4C Studio Monitors

Robin from Holland wrote in and sent us some photos of his very rare speakers.

Thanks Robin!

Here's his story:

Its a pair of Ls3/4C BBC monitors. they were used in broadcast stations at location. so they were placed in mobile studios were space was limited.

They replaced the Ls3/4 & ls3/4b because they needed a speaker with higher spl.

It has audax tweeters( hd13d34/ ls2/12) and spendor bextrene cone woofers 8 "( ls2/13) . The combination of this big tweeter and cone shaped woofer is a extreme clean and neutral midband. Midbass a bit coloured and they will stop reproducing at about 16khz?
But they sound truly beautiful.

I sold my jbl century golds after i hooked these speakers up.

Jim rogers designed them and a bout 40 are made but that includes the Ls3/4 & 4b.
They are trangular shaped they are 61 cm high and 46 wide, 32 deep. Baffle is made of steel.

Ive cleaned them up and made exactly fitting stands. So a PA amp with these delicate rogers, great combi.

Have any photos or stories of your own? Send 'em on in! hificollector88 [at]


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