Saturday, October 17, 2009

KEF Recap - The Parts List


QTY PartNumber Product Price Ext. Price
4 027-328 3.3uF 100V Non-Polarized Capacitor $0.42 $1.68
4 027-336 6.8uF 100V Non-Polarized Capacitor $0.53 $2.12
4 027-340 10uF 100V Non-Polarized Capacitor $0.58 $2.32
4 027-358 80uF 100V Non-Polarized Capacitor $1.92 $7.68
027-362 125uF 100V Non-Polarized Capacitor $1.70 $17.00
2 027-436 Dayton DMPC-20 20uF 250V Polypropylene Capacitor $5.77 $11.54
2 027-444 Dayton DMPC-60 60uF 250V Polypropylene Capacitor $15.17 $30.34

I got a few extras in case I broke the leads off of any while soldering. Except in the case of the 60uF at $15.17 each! Just got what I needed on those.

My speaker SNs: 1858 and 1859 so they use the first model of the crossover.

Crossover Schematic photos HERE.

Apparently, KEF hand-picked caps with 1% tolerance. You might be able to find all the caps with the values and voltages you need with that tolerance, but it will cost you. Please chime in if you can find a source for 1% tolerance caps at a good price. I wasn't able to find one, but the community here will appreciate the info.

So, KEF built the crossovers with military-spec components and, evidently, to withstand a two megaton blast at ground zero. The voltage limits are very high, and unless you routinely overdrive your speakers at crazy volumes, 100 V caps should work fine.

Here's a great site that my brother recommended for soldering tips.

Other than that - the forum will be up tomorrow, and you can start a topic on this specific subject so you'll be able to get global feedback and we'll have all the info in one place.

Hope this helps!

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