Sunday, November 22, 2009

Power Amplifier - Yamaha P-2200

So why would I spend 20 minutes Photoshopping these photos but zero minutes cleaning the unit prior to taking the photos? Because I didn't buy this - only took these pics inside the garage of the estate sale property. There - mystery solved.

Why didn't I buy it? Because I had already expended my cash on speakers and a Cal Audio CD player. There. . .two mysteries solved.

How did it sound? They had it hooked up to an old (Phillips?) preamplifier and some vintage RSL speakers, so with that system it sounded fine. One of the meter bulbs was burnt out, some rack rash.

After coming home and reading up on these beasts it made me wish I would have dropped the Cal Audio CD player and grabbed this amp instead. Supposed to be a real workhorse.

Have any experience/stories about your Yamaha P-2200 power amplifier? Send 'em on in. Thanks.

What's it worth?
Good: $275
Fair: $200
As in photo: $200


  1. Yeah.. I have a great story about the ol' P-2200. I used one as a bass guitar amplifier from 1978 to 1983. One winter I had a gig in a place called Havre, Montana, where the temp reached 56ยบ below zero WITHOUT any wind chill factor! Fearing theft, I wouldn't leave my amp in the club, so each night I threw it in the cavernous trunk of my '72 Ford LTD, where it would stay until the next show. When I'd lift it out the following night it would have ice crystals all over it, and I'd plug it in and go straight to full operating temp for four hours of relentless rock and funk, a cycle I would repeat over and over, for about 2 weeks. From being covered in frost to peak operating temp every night, and it never failed me. In fact, I didn't have one failure in the more than 5 years I used it. Man, I miss that amp!

  2. Compared to Pioneer A-10 or highend as my Nad C390 the P-2200 sound much more detailed and clear. P-2200 control my Nutilus 802 with a firm hand. With power supply of 1.2 kW, it gives a feeling of endless power. Best amp I've heard.

  3. I am a Mc Enthusiast . I use the MX 130 with a 7270. The 7270 had to go in for repair. In it's place I hauled out my P2200 which had never been used since I bought it at a garage sale. This amp is not exactly what an audiophile would like to see in his rack. I connected the P2200 to my MX130 and was absolutely amazed at the sound-stage of this ugly beast. Talk about authority and presence. whew..
    The P2200 powered my Magnaplanars with ease and finesse. Who would have expected audiophile sound from a vintage commercial amp. Honestly these amps are grossly undervalued. The cost of a P2200 in 1981 was 899.00 factor that x10 at today's dollar. If you can find one of these brutes , by all means buy it! They are heavy weighing in at 60 lbs. A look inside will reveal huge "beer can" sized caps with a gigantic wynd. Couple this baby with a decent preamp and you have a true sound stage bargain. Yamaha's neutrality will allow your preamp to have it's sonic signature in tact.

  4. I sure love mine. I've had it since the 1970's when I bought it new. Used it for years as the main amp in my rock band's PA system. Now it's 2013 and I use it in my home stereo with a now old Adcom preamp. It's still working perfectly and it's never had a repair. One of the all time greats, IMO. I get the feeling I'm going to own this amp for the rest of my life.



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