Thursday, November 5, 2009

Turntables - Pioneer PL-570

I received this turntable as part of a gear trade with no high expectations and was pleasantly surprised to find it worked quite well. One of the common failures of this vintage of automatic turntables is that they tend to no longer be . . .well, automatic. Parts wear out after 30 years? Who woulda thunk it?!?

This particular model still churns out all functions smoothly and without much complaint. The dustcover is even in decent shape, which is a flippin' miracle for any turntable over 11 minutes old.

The Shure cartridge deserves a kind retirement, and this will happen soon enough. At the moment though, I've got Beethoven's Sixth Symphony spinning and the hounds are about to take chase!

Have any experiences with the Pioneer PL-570 or any photos you'd like to share? Please send them on in.

What's it worth?
Good: $150
Fair: $100
As in photo: $90


  1. I too, have a PL-570 with a Shure V15 Type III Supertrack Plus. I honestly don't know what a person could expect to be better. A person could spend a lot more money for what I would consider minimal improvements. Most of the time, when someone "thinks" it sounds better, it is really just a placebo effect of being dazzled with the cost and look of something "better", especially for anyone over the age of 40 (like myself). Invest in a nice cartridge, some decent speakers (and BTW, NOT the CS-99A's (all beauty and nothing but mud from the ones I've heard)). I really get a chuckle out of the people that think .005 THD is better than .100. Yeah, on paper. But the human ear can only discern down to 0.3. So what is the deal except to save a bit of money getting the cheaper units?

  2. Is it for sale?? Pretty please :)



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