Friday, December 4, 2009

Speakers - Champman Sound Company SCJ-1

I didn't buy these, just had an opportunity to audition a pair that a guy was trying to unload in a massive gear trade. These were high-end speakers in their day (1978 - 1983), retailing for $1,000/pair. Today's value on a pair would be strictly governed by condition and these needed new surrounds on the woofers and mids.

That yellowish, paper-like material around the cones isn't foam and it isn't quite rubber. It's really more like rice paper and very thin. I'm sure it's some sort of latex, but I've never seen it before on speaker surrounds.

Running my index finger around the edges almost resulted in a puncture. Then again, perhaps this was the way they were designed? Dunno, and without knowing at the time, I passed on the offer.

How did they sound? They sounded quite good. Commanding bass, nice mids and highs. Similar in overall tone to JBL Centuries.

Do you know anything about these speakers? Have any more info on the surround material and whether I shouldn't have passed them up? Send in an email or leave a comment - thanks.

What's it worth?
Good: $200/pair
Fair: $125
As is in photo: $75 if they did need new surrounds.

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  1. The mother fker rocks better then polk audios. Just heavier then fk I gpt a set and I am trying to sell for 500.00 because I have seen them on eb and they are pretty much pricless pff brand of sansui.



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