Monday, December 14, 2009

What's My Gear Worth? HiFiCollector Is Here to Help!

I'm excited to announce a new feature for - What's it Worth?

With years of buying and selling, collection, pricing, and trading experience behind me (and hopefully in front of me as well), I've acquired the skills to confidently quote prices on vintage audio gear. In addition to personal experience with brands and current market conditions, I'll also use eBay completed auction listings and, to a lesser extent, the Orion Blue Book for audio. Orion is still catching up with the downturn of the economy, so their prices seem a little high from my observations.

All posts from this point on will feature a What's it Worth? section which will provide my best guess as to the value of an item similar to the one I'm describing in the post.

Disclaimer - Pricing vintage gear is always a best-guess scenario. I'll provide my estimate based on what I believe would be fair market value and a good place to put a reserve price if I were to try to sell on eBay. Please use my price quotes as a guide and not a point of dispute with a potential buyer. Your experience has probably taught you the same things I've learned when it comes to appraising audio gear - it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay. Collectors with deep pockets will pay whatever they can to win an auction, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the value of that piece of gear has risen.

Of course many variables exist - whether the item would be sold internationally or just within the US, whether the price is meant for eBay (with a huge potential buyer base) or CraigsList (where that base is much smaller), etc. I'll address each one of these on a quote-by-quote basis.

As time allows I'll also go back through the 150 plus posts I've written so far and add the What's it Worth? section to them as well.

Thanks for making such an informative and fun site! Keep the comments and suggestions coming and Happy Listening!

Happy Holidays too!


I'm getting quite a few requests for gear quotes, which is great!

I want all these requests to be arranged for easy retrieval - not only by the people who requested the quotes, but also by future visitors as well.

So. . . From now on, please submit all your gear quote requests on the forum.

You'll see the "What's it Worth?!?" topic, so just create a new post under that topic and I'll answer it ASAP.

Thanks folks!


  1. how much is my bang and olufsen beomaster 1900 worth - in excellent working order but unfortunately the speakers havnt survived?

  2. A Beomaster 1900 is worth around $80 in good working condition. Without speakers- Who knows?

  3. how much is my pair of sansui sp-1700 worth - all original in excellect conition except for a few light scratches

  4. "Anonymous said...
    how much is my pair of sansui sp-1700 worth - all original in excellect conition except for a few light scratches"

    -- Ya know, I can't find SP1700 in my Blue Book for some reason. A quick interweb search revealed this CraigsList sale for $75. You might get $100 or more from a Sansui collector. Even more if you're willing to ship over seas. Best of luck!

  5. i have a sony str-7035 in MINT condition. i bought it for 10 bucks at a garage sale. it sounds beautiful. how much do you think?

  6. An STR-7035 in mint condition is worth about $60-$75 according to my audio Blue Book. If a collector really needs that item then he may pay more.

  7. hey guys! i was cleaning my grandpas attic yesterday and i found a pioneer quadralizer amplifier ql-600. it has a few small dents in the sides but the lights work and i hooked it up to my fisher 143.92541600 (which is pretty nice too) and it seems to work pretty well. what do you guys think for both the receiver and the quad amp?

  8. From now on - Please post all requests for gear quotes in the forum. I've created a topic called "What's it Worth?!?" Thank you!

    If you're not yet a member of the forum - just join. It's quick and painless :)

  9. hey i have a friend who has a mint marantz 2225 and a average pioneer sx-750 (it works great, but its pretty beat up). he also wanted me to ask about a pair of klipsch kg4's. he was curious about all of their values.....

  10. The QL-600 quote is now in our forum.

  11. how much is a sansui ra500 worth and a sansui 2000x worth?

  12. The Sansui ra500 is worth about $30, and the 2000x is worth between $50 and $90 in good working and physical condition with wood case.

  13. HiFi Collector,
    I have a pair of Hales Revelation 3 (Cherry) Tower speakers, a Hales Revelation Center speaker and a pair of Hales Revelation 1 Book-shelf speakers. (Cherry). Would you have any idea how much each are worth??
    Thank you.

  14. Hello - Re Hales Revelation 3 speakers, I sold my pair (black ash, I believe, not cherry finish) for $650 or $700 - about what I bought them for. The Revelation 1's should go for $150 - $200 per pair. Hope this helps.

  15. I have a Concerto Hi Fi 5296wk. Does anyone know how much its worth?

  16. Hi I have a sansui AU-9500 and it is in good condition it has everything original im wondering what itsworth can anyone help me thx

  17. Hi There; I have a pair of Wharfedale Airedale speakers.. they are not the corner cabinets and they have some white drivers also a silver graphic with some technical data on the front of the box they are big as a small fridge… I have seen wildly different asking prices for these items do you have any suggestions?



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