Friday, February 19, 2010

Receiver - McIntosh MAC 4100

Just picked up this very clean McIntosh MAC 4100 receiver off of CraigsList. The FM tuner section isn't working, but I'm going to remove the cover tomorrow and do a little poking around under the hood. If that doesn't do the trick then I'll take it to Brooks Berdan in Monrovia for a check-up from the feet-up.

It sounds terrific using my Sony HD radio through the Aux inputs. Dial lights are all good, the cabinet is beautiful. Strange - looks like McIntosh skimped on the cab- vinyl veneer? Will check more thoroughly manana.

Any stories about your McIntosh receivers? Comment below or shoot me an email. Or chime in on the forum!


  1. Now that you've had the 4100 a while - any thoughts on sound quality and quality of components? Did you have to replace any capacitors? What are your thoughts on the plastic push buttons? Do they function well or are they cheap feeling?

  2. ive had mine since 1980.any mac is a gem.try tuning the antenna radio.that part was never that great.5 band equaliser is retro but A1 .dont replace any caps or transisters unless there broke.dont let anyone who has not worked on vintage macs mess with it.this little reciever even drove my b&w 802's.i paid 3200 for mine in canada.used in europe they still fetch 800/1000 dollars.see if you can find a used dbx to go with it ..that'll put some life in your music room.volume control can often crackle if not used or stored badly over the years..good clean is nice for may take a while to burn it in again.the more you use it the better it gets.if your a low budget man hang on to wont regret it.45 watts asidefrom it will blow away most amps claiming a 100 a side.congratulations on quality sound



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