Monday, March 1, 2010

Speakers - Technics SB-G910

I've seen a lot of things done with woofers in my day; many of which shouldn't even be legal! But I've never seen a woofer with a clear plastic dust cap. Pretty neat, actually.

These Technics SB-G910 monsters had a LOT of bass, but that's about all I can say for them. Lightweight cabinets shook and rattled when the volume was cranked, but that's what classic house speakers are supposed to do - right?

Notice the latex-gloved hand? Yes, we always wear latex gloves when handling Technics speakers. Don't you?!?

Have any experiences with Technics house speakers from the 80's? Chime on in.


  1. I have the SB-G750, but can not get the manual, if anyone has them please

  2. i have these speakers. still in good condition but need to clean them. I have the manual somewhere. got them connected to Technics SU-V707 amp and Technics 1200 record players.

  3. honestly, i put this speaker in the trunk of my camaro. works like a dream, and i left enough wire to pull it out and blast it while i worked on my car. i love em.

  4. i've had these speakers since 1984 bought them in germany when I was in the army and rocked the shit out of them for 28 yrs until grand babies came along and punched a whole in the dam woofer anybody selling there's.

  5. I have a pair of SB-G910's and also a pair of SB-G900's.
    Purchased these when I was stationed in Japan in '81 & '83. Still sound good, I was just getting ready to list for sale on Craigslist. Cabinets have some small chips and the grills have some pulls, but nothing distracting. Wife didn't want them in the living room anymore, "too big" she said. I'm in Eastern PA, I won't ship these, to difficult and to much chance for damage.
    contact me at: if interested.
    SB-G910's asking: $300/pair and SB-G900's asking: $250/pair. Price is firm.

  6. How Much would a pair of Technics SB-G910 go for ?

  7. I had a pair of the SB-G910s when I was in Germany in 81-84 and those things rocked. Pushed them with a Kenwood M-2 amp, C-2 pre along with pioneer sound processor, Kenwood reverb, Technics SH-8055 12 band eq/spectrum analyzer, Teac tape deck, Technics SL-QL1 turntable and Technics 7 day programmable timer. Man do I miss that thing. But now am working on the systems 2 of my brothers had before they passed away. Yamaha M60 amp,C60 pre and a pair of Kenwood KL-A900 I just re edged. I have an MX600 amp pre setting extra. Maybe I'll work on a second. Nothing compares to that big sound.

  8. I have these speakers; bought them in Germany in 1983. I have rocked and am still rocking them today. They seem to have some bad press such as the comments above about the cabinets rattling, but I have never had an issue with mine; solid as a rock. I keep them high on a shelf lying on their sides and crank 'em when I'm in the mood. I attribute complaints about the woofers not having enough bass as lack of understanding that these were developed pre-subwoofer era and for the time, these had plenty. A good amp with adjustable bass and treble and no issues with the sound. These speakers really push the air around and I thank Technics for the thermal breakers or I would have blown the tweets long ago. In my opinion, these "old school" speakers are true classy chassis' and I'll hang onto mine as long as they keep cranking out the tune-age.

  9. We have four Technics SB-G910 speakers for sale. They were purchased in Japan in the 80's when my husband was in the Marines. Will sell them in pairs for $250 a pair. Any one interested? I can send pictures and more details if you are.

    1. Do you still have the technics SB-910? Thank you,

  10. I have a pair of Technics SB-S407 Speakers that I bought new in 1989 for $300. They sounded amazing in the store back then and they still do. I have read some negative comments about Technics speakers which are just not true. Everything Technics made is high quality, not like the crap that is sold today. So many people wrote online that the Technics speakers they had did not last long because a speaker was blown. That is not a fault of the speaker, but of the owner. If you crank the volume to 10 on your receiver and your receiver is more powerful then the speaker, it will blow. Don't care if it is a Pioneer or a Bose speaker. From my understanding of research I did online. Technics still makes audio equipment but only in Japan now.

  11. Paul Downs...where did you source your new surrounds for the KL-A900s? I have a set that needs foam. I also rock a pair of SB-G800s, 900s and 910s and love them. the 900s and 910s are in a surround sound setup and the 800s are with my 1210s and my old Technics system in the basement. One thing I noticed is when they were on the tile floor, they did "rattle". just put some carpet under each and that went away...these things seem to be sensitive to placement.



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