Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finding Vintage Gear Online

I often get duped into exploring a Web site that turns out to be just another eBay auction aggregator. Still, I think these sites do have some merit. I stumbled upon one of these this morning while researching vintage headphones, and it turned out to be somewhat helpful in locating relevant auctions. Vintage Headphones also picks up bicycle "headsets" and several other random items with "head" in the title. Oh well...

One of my usual haunts though - one I hit every Saturday morning, is Used McIntosh Audio. With only a few random miscalculations in its results, this one neatly lays out nearly all of eBay's McIntosh items and even categorizes them by component type. Bookmark this one!

How do you search for gear on eBay? Do you use the eBay search engine, or rely on sites like these to display your search results for you?

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