Saturday, May 28, 2011

Speakers Head-to-Head - KEF Cresta 2 VS KEF 103.2

Just picked up this beautiful pair of KEF Cresta 2 speakers off Craigslist here in the LA area and boy...are they sweet.

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  1. I've owned both the Kef crests 2 (off a review in What-hi) and then a pair of kef 103.2'. I found the 103.2 a MUCH better speaker in all departments. The crestas are okay, but have none of the life and weight that make the 103.2 a classic speaker. I kept the Crestas for a month or two and moved on. Nice for a midfi system, but they cannot reach into the rhelm of the 103.2s. After the Cresta 2, Kef started with their Q-series, and that for me was where Kef really took a dive. At least with the early Q series. Again, Cresta 2 are a nice speaker, the 103.2 are a fantastic speaker.



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