Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two Channel Vinyl System - Family Room

Thought I'd put the Denon DP-1200 turntable back to use. Set up a two channel system in the corner of our family room early this morning before the wife woke up. Had to displace a few of her precious vintage collectibles, so I'm waiting for the right moment to put on an ELO album (one of her favorites) and introduce her to our new "listening station."

Set the Denon PMA-900V integrated amplifier on its side (out of shot in the shadows), and am using the capable B&W DM12 speakers I reviewed a few weeks ago HERE. the snap, crackle, and pop of vinyl in the morning.

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  1. hi
    found your fine blog while looking for info on b&w speakers. it feels very homey here. really appreciated your writing and wits about the speakers. i'm an almost-50 music addict and the virus for vintage hifi finally hit a few months ago after years of closet. i don't really play in the same league as you - as components come and go - but i have a dream... funny how your post on tube amps and yaqin hit right on spot as i'm considering diving in pretty soon - as a birthday present maybe...
    i'm mostly a braun hifi (dieter rams' 60s and 70s stuff) collector and currently post listening to great radio mixes from japan on L-31 luxman amp and cabasse dinghy 222 speakers. other systems involve rogers LS7, ditton 44 and a tech SU8600...
    good ol' not too fancy classic stuff. hope to hear from you but count on me as a reg, hangin' round here... keep on groovin'_phil



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