Thursday, August 25, 2011

Community Photos - Vandersteen Model 1C

Vandersteen 1C - Skinned

Vandersteen 1C after 7-hour re-fabric

Cats a class to any shot. Thanks again for the photos, Harrell! community member, Harrell sent this short story in along with a photo of his "skinned" Vandersteen 1C speakers. Thanks Harrell!

Here's a short story.. They was a garage sale in my town and I found these that a cat made a scratching posts out of. I got them for $10.00. I removed the fabric and there in perfect condition. I'm making the fabric/socks for them. They sound excellent somewhat like Maggies but, don't compare to my Thiels. Hey..$10.00 dude!

Have any photos and/or stories to share? Send them on in to hificollector88 [at]


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  1. Wow, had a set of these with my Marantz 2230 and Rotel 965 cd player. The best sounding system i have ever had and thats after 30 plus years in this hobby and somewhere around 50 grand later. I could listen allday and never get tired. Lost them in the fire too. Damn.
    That was three years ago, just got back into it, two weeks ago, Vandersteem model 2 ci Adcom separates and a Sony 9000 cd.



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