Thursday, January 12, 2012

Portable Turntable - Braun TP1

No, I've not yet owned a Braun TP1, and, unless someone gives it to me or I find one on a bus bench, I probably never will.

I've had an ongoing search for these on eBay for nine months now, and this (photos from auction)  is the first actual unit I've seen for sale. I'll follow this auction and see where it goes, but I'm not bidding. :)

Any experience with the Braun TP1? Chime on in and tell us your story.


  1. All I know is I've got to find one!

  2. Miracles do happen - I bought one 2 weeks ago on a flea market in Portugal for... 50€! Working, complete (as usual, except for the connecting cable), nothing broken, a few scratches and some battery leakage inside, easily cleaned. And I wasn't even looking for it because I never thought this could happen. now, it's a very important piece of my 1950-2000 industrial design collection.
    So, keep believing - there is one for you, also, somewhere, under a pile of junk.



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