Thursday, February 2, 2012

Can Microphone Headsets Provide Quality Sound?

About as far-field of a vintage audio post as I could get, but hey - time to branch out just a little, don't you agree?

I needed a USB microphone headset for work that doubled as headphones for music listening. After mediocre success researching "good-sounding headset microphones" and similar querries, I headed to Fry's Electronics in Fountain Valley to see what they had in stock.

Research had narrowed my choices to four brands and six models and Fry's stock had further narrowed my search to just two on the shelf. Both were in blister packs, so I had no way of listening before purchase. My solution? Buy them both and return the one I didn't like.

Between the Logitech H390 and the Plantronic 655 DSP, the Plantronics were the clear winner.

The 655 DSP is very comfortable, has great bass response, and good clarity overall. It won't replace my home stereo headphones, but was a pleasant surprise and well worth the $49 price tag.

Do you have any experience with decent-sounding headsets?

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