Saturday, November 10, 2012

Community Photos and a Question - Yamaha CR-840

Received this email today. Read down to bottom for question for you regarding speaker recommendation. Use comment section for recommendations. Thanks!

I have to share this. Just today I picked up a YAMAHA CR- 840 receiver at an estate sale in Hockessin Delaware. I've been looking for an older unit for a while now and I think my patients has paid off. This thing looks like new. There is no ware at all. Yea it had a little bit of dust on it. I pulled it out of a glass front stereo cabinet, it was still hooked up. I believe it belonged to an older couple that probably didn't use it much, and from the selection of music I saw at the house I don't think they were banging their heads off the wall, if you know what I mean. 

There was also a cassette deck I did not pick up. At any rate I can't wait to hook it up and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good set of speakers for me to look out for. I do have a set of Technics Speakers on my garage system and I will be testing this bad boy out tomorrow. I also have a 1980's Technics Turntable I will be using with it also. It feels good to have a real stereo system again, unlike all the surround systems sold today.

I have attached some pics. Let me know your thoughts.

[name withheld]
newark de.

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Nice receiver! I've always liked Yamaha sound and this should serve you well as an alternative to modern-day surround receivers. As far as speakers go, it's really a matter of personal preference. You could NOT go wrong with a pair of JBL Century L100, but there are plenty of others that will produce quality sound at a fraction of that price.

I'll post this on my blog along with your pics and let's see what the HiFiCollector community comes up with for speaker recommendations. 

Thanks for chiming in!   -- Tom

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