Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tuner - Harmon Kardon Citation 14

Yet another case where there is so little information available that I turn to you, the burgeoning community for help. Picked up this great-looking HK tuner at a yard sale. Research shows it to be from about 1972, but there's very little on the Web about this model.

How does it sound? I don't know yet. Plugging it in next weekend - stay tuned (pun intended).

If you have any information or photos on the Harmon Kardon Citation 14 Tuner or the Citation line in general, please leave a comment or email me.

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  1. This was one ogf the best tuners. I used to have one. Stations no longer use the Dolby FM system. This was an exvcellent analogue tuner.
    With an outside antenna, it could pick stations from far awayt. I could nbot use an outside antenna. Once or twice it picked up WFMT in Chicago and a station in Canada from tropospheric ducting. This just on an indoor S-shaped antenna.

    Nowadays, If the Citation Linbe were continued, there would be digital tuners and HD radios. That would get the best possible FMsound, but the Citatiuon 14 did nbot habve it. I tried using the Dolby Circuit, but the left channel would go It was one of the besty tuners I coyuld buy back then. I bought iut because WILL Fm was operating under low power aftyer an ice storm damaged their antenna. That station was located 26 miles fgrom Champaign IL near Monticello. They have since installed a translator W266AF in Champaign for better reception in the cityout. I don't know that tuner was ever upgradfed to 25 microsecond preemphasis, as I purchased it sued. The tuner was lost in 2007. I had it since 1979.

    It always had good tone since the translator was installed and I received better reception. Reception was poor in my apartment unbtil then.

  2. This is a fantastic tuner. I picked one up in the 80's and it is still with me today. Just get your stereo and muting thresholds right ( and tune using Quieting as your guide, you'll love it!

  3. I also have this wonderful receiver and I will never part with it. It has a very lovely sound and I really like the craftsmanship that HK has putten into making this reseiver. If you ever find one for yourself you will know that it is a keeper.



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