Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tuner - SAE T101

First off, sorry for the lousy photo quality. This SAE T101 is part of a friend's collection and I took these as well as a few other pics for with my cell phone camera. I'll bring my regular camera on my next visit.

My friend traded a pair of Advent Loudspeakers for this tuner a few years ago, and I'm about to do the same thing to acquire it. I'm not thrilled with my 33-year-old Pioneer SX-1050's tuner section as there's quite a bit of static when I move the dial and it's having trouble locking on to stations. One day I'll have it professionally serviced, but in the meantime, I'll use this SAE T101 as an outboard tuner for it.

According to my friend, it locks on to stations and sounds great - we'll see. I'm taking his word on good faith as I didn't feel like 'calling him' on his claim prior to our trade. It works both ways - he didn't ask to listen to the speakers I'm trading either. . .hopefully we'll do business again in the future.

How does it sound? - Stay tuned (ouch).

If you have any photos or stories about your SAE T101 tuner, please leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. Hi - Ran across your page and thought I'd comment on my SAE P101 tuner. I purchased it from SAE direct when they were located in the City Of Commerce in So. Cal back in late '85. I currenly live up in the No. Calif. Sierra Nevadas about half way between Sacramento and Tahoe so the reception in this area is not all that great. In the LA area this tuner performed admirably and was even better at pulling in weaker stations than the SAE MK VI I owned also at the time. Up here when I had it in line and using it, it also was able to pull in the major AM and FM band stations fairly well and I was only using a powered indoor antenna at the time. I own the complete 101 series and but for the tuner and cassette deck use the preamp, and equalizer in my system currently. Unfortunately I sold the MK VI some years ago and now kick myself for doing so. As for the T101, it will remain in my system , but not in use, as I no longer listen to FM radio anymore due to the Dish music channels and a vast CD/Vinyl collection. Great tuner, both in looks and in performance...........

    Regards, Terry



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