Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cassette Deck - Advent Model 201

Street value: $40, Sentimental value: Priceless.

I love collecting "firsts." Over the years I've been fortunate enough to run across the first RCA portable 45 RPM record player, the first Phone Mate telephone answering machine, the first Hi-Fi Henry Kloss table radio. . .now, I introduce the first, hi fidelity cassette deck, - the Advent Model 201. This guy knows much more than I do about this deck and its cousins, so I'll point you to his site HERE.

How does it sound? Dunno. . .haven't plugged it in yet. I'll let you know in a couple of days.

If you have any photos or stories about your Advent 201 or 200 series tape deck, please leave a comment or email me.

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  1. My Dad purchased an Advent 201 in the early 70's. He was a HiFi nut. He told me that this was a revolutionary machine and would play Montavani tapes load on this tape deck. I was only a kid then and could not hear what he heard, but he loved this tape deck. I had a freind who had a pioneer tape deck that seemed so much more cooler than the clunky no frills 201. It had a stope light and was definetly coler to look at. I told my Dad about it and he just laughed and said there was no comparrison. I just put his Dual 1249 turntable for sale on e-bay and came across a 201 for sale and it brought back memories of my Dad rocking to his classical music and truly enjoying his prized HiFi system.

  2. I was in a thrift store two days ago here in Chapel Hill, NC looking for a used cheap cassett deck. Another customer mentioned how great the sound was from of all things an Advent, but that I'd never find one. Lo and behold' the shop had a used one for 10 bucks. It was a model 201-A. I got it, took it home. It is unbelievable. Works perfect. Sounds great!

  3. Only $40? I would think a mint condition one would be worth more than that to the right person. This was the beginning of rise of the cassette and for a deck introduced in 1971 it still holds it's own today. The transport on these decks, while unconventional, is bullet proof.

    I paid $5.00 for mine at a thrift in 1998 and it worked right away and the heads were still in great shape (the early 201's had fairly soft heads, a problem solved with the introduction of the 201A).

    I think to the untrained eye this does not appear to be an audiophile deck. People are thrown by the presence of one VU meter and think it is a monaural deck while others dismiss it as being the type of deck used in classroom settings (incidentally Advent used a Wollensak transport used on classroom recorders that bore a striking resemblance to the Advent 201).

    I sold mine sometime ago when I was moving and still kick myself for that decision. For the collector, this is a landmark machine. Without the 201, cassettes would have continued to be dismissed as a dictation medium.

  4. I have Model 201 on ebay right now (2/19/2012, if you know of anyone looking for one.

  5. As to the "Street" value I think that may need reassessment. In april 10th 2012 a Model 201 A sold on Ebay for $214.00 and a listing for one that simply powered up went at $45.00 so I think audiophiles see far more value in these than might first be imagined

  6. the advent 201 should be worth thousands of dollars today if in good working condition based on the fact that it was the first reliable dolby b cassette deck. the advent 200 was actually the the first model but it was quickly upgraded to the model 201 due to an unreliable nakamichi mechanism. the problem with the 201 is that they almost never broke down. that may be why there are so many units stiil available today.i dont know wheather to say what a shame or what a marvel. s.b.

  7. I am moving in a two weeks and have a 201. If anyone wants it, just pay for the shipping and it is yours. Single owner, great shape, but has not been played in years. Contact me at

  8. hi, tried to email you wayne but message says no valid you have another address I could try?



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