Sunday, April 26, 2009

Speakers - Acoustic Research AR-2

Just read a post on the AudioKarma forum reminded me of my "orphan" AR-2 speaker as well. Found this at a thrift store, and was amazed by the mushy-ness of the woofer surround. I brought it home, only to include it in a trade with some other equipment a couple weeks later. I tried hooking it up, but the woofer was rubbing on the voice coil, so it was not worth keeping. I grabbed it at first because I was thining AR-2A, not AR-2 - impulse buy remorse.

If you're into vintage audio, then you are probably familiar with AudioKarma. I've been a member for three years now, but just started posting as my hobby evolves into an obsession! Check it out, join if you have the time - great, valuable info there and a terrific community.

Have any photos or stories about your Acoustic Research AR-2? Please leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. Heathkit offered a DIY version of the AR-2 called the AS-2.

  2. i have a pair of AR2 loudspeakers in great condition and in a couple days i will find out if they still work. how much could i sell them for if they work great? and also they both still have the metal AR logos and the instructions and warrantee papers glued on the back.

  3. I have 1 AR2 loudspeaker that is in quite good condition. I just plugged it into my Yamaha RX-V795 and there was Bass and Tweeter. All sounding OK . .not quite like my Klipsch, but it works.



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