Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monster Receiver - Sansui G8000

Sansui made some wonderful-looking receivers, and this G8000 is no exception. This beast was made at the end of the era where great industrial design and uncompromised quality met. This is another photo donated by a friend, so I've never owned it, but drool. . .perhaps someday. At 120 watts per channel, it was a direct competitor for the likes of the Pioneer SX-1050 and SX-1250 as well as comparable Marantz models.

I found this site where a guy has "Frankensteined" his G8000, changed the chassis, etc. Pretty cool and brave mod!

If you have any photos or stories about your Sansui G8000, please leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. These units were capable of 150w over FOUR channels. You got 300w on two. I know. I own one. Sadly I am forced to sell it, due to the recession.

  2. I found one of these after searching for about 5 years. I seen the first one day searching my newly-found ebay electronics section and almost feel over when I seen a picture of this hulk of a receiver "shot" in the dark with all the dials glowing! It kinda looked like a jet liner about to land, just massive and all lite up. Not able to afford one at the time i purchased my first Sansui, a 5050 model. I liked the smooth warm sound, but something lacked. Selling it, the next Sansui was a white faced beauty, the TU-717 tuner; which I hooked to a Dynaco ST-70. Hooked, I found a G4700, it was about 80 bucks and made me feel (for a moment) like I found the "big g"! Knowing it was only a mere baby to the large lite up one I seen a couple years prior I sold it again. I then found a G7500, oh boy...a bit more of the taste of the big g--but, still hungry I kept looking as it seemed to lack in comparison to what I expected of the larger G9000 or G8000. I managed to settle for the more original looking G7000 I found locally--the only problem was it was in dire need of a repair, but cosmetically looked nice and fit the part. Repaired, I put it in service and enjoyed the sound (especially the dynamics of the lower octaves!) and the glow of the dials at night. It was, at this point, the best Sansui I found yet. A few more different amps came and went--I was'nt sure why I kept experimenting..., was I just a gear junkie now? Nope, I kept coming to pictures and auctions of G9000's..., and the odd G8000.

    Again, I sold the G7000 as I was determined that I would find it's bigger brothers. BUT finally--I came across an old email, from a year prior in conversation I meet with a gentleman who had offered the G8000 for sale to me, but for a pretty price I could not afford. I turned it up a year ago, but something said contact him--go see it. I emailed him and he still had it so I went to see the big G8000. WOW! Perfect, no marks and it even had original decals down to one that actually said: "simulated wood grain by Sansui" on it's side cabinet! I bought it as I was mesmorized, I did paid a dear price; However, after listening to it I knew it just destroyed everything else I was playing with... Heck, as I type, I listen--I look, I am glad I got the big G!

    Get the Sansui bug yet?

  3. Got a g7000 myself....i do want a g8000 or 9000, but ill never part with my G7000...it is restored, and has been my trusty daily listener for 22 years now

  4. I have a G8000 that I am willing to part with. I have the speakers to match.I can be contacted at martingysbers@hotmail.com

  5. I just put my g-8k in repair shop one channel lost its amp output. The shop i took it to had all the vintage big boys in for repairs. Like marantz, pioneer klipses, and the sansuii 9090 to name a few..gonna take 2wks before mine gets on the bench. Bought in germany at my bases px store. Payed @900 bucks and still have my infinity q5 speakers as well...wont part with either of them

    1. May I ask the location of this repair shop? Mine has a minor problem and I don't know where to take it or who to ask, Thanks

  6. I still have my G801, that was bought in Bad Kissengen Germany at the audio Club on the army base. I use it daily in my Garage along with some kenwood speakers with 15" woofers from the same period.
    The G8000 is the same but was sold in the states.

  7. I have a Sansui G8000 that I bought new in 1977 (I think). When I turn the switch on it goes into protection mode and stays there. Doing some online research suggests taking apart and cleaning will fix it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks



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