Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Power Amplifier - McIntosh MC2100

So ugly, it's beautiful? Yeah, try convincing you wife of that when you tell her you had to place this on top of the entertainment center because it's too tall or too heavy to fit inside. Believe me, I've tried that argument. Continuing in the long line of marriage-busters that I've brought into the household, I present to you the McIntosh MC2100 power amplifier. This 57 pound beast presents a conservative 100 watts per channel of unchallenged, yummy sound. I've used this on three systems so far, and it's currently driving my KEF 105.2 speakers in the loft.

How does it sound? Well, I won't take the cheap shot of saying "It's a McIntosh. . .duh!" because, well, that's just not me. It sounds great to me, although I suspect this particular unit could need a tune-up. Time does strange things to capacitors and wiring, and even blockbusters like this tank need attention after 30 years. I found a place not too far away that will test it and bring it back to spec for about $300. We'll see how long it takes me to bring it in. Stay tuned.

If you have any stories or photos about your McIntosh MC2100, please leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. I have the same unit that I was fortunate enough to buy from my brother. We were together at a small Hi-Fi shop and the unit was for sale. It came in it's original box, with manual, warranty card, and prior owners name. The unit was close to mint. It is just a wonderful industrial piece to look at and listen too. So far, all original lie the one pictured. Will only have repaired if needed!



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