Saturday, April 4, 2009

Speakers - KEF 105.2

Next to my Vandersteen's, these are my favorite speakers. The KEF 105 Series 2 were way ahead of their time in regards to design. There is an inherent problem with these speakers, however, that should be mentioned. The woofer material is heavy and this, over years, causes the woofer to sag and for it to rub inside against the voice coil. This causes distortion and renders the speaker useless. BUT, as I found out from a forum post, there is a way to prolong the life of the speakers. Simply rotate the woofer each year. I've done this once already as the speaker, indeed, started to rub, and the pair is due again for another rotation. I have to wonder just how many rotations I'll get before the woofer material fatigues to the point of permanent sag. KEF doesn't support these any more and the only way I've found to get a replacement woofer is via eBay or private sellers.

How do they sound? Magnificent! These have fantastic dynamic range. The bass enclosre design provides tight, powerful bass, and the separate mid and tweeters are clean, crisp, non-fatigueing. These are wonderful speakers. You don't need a sub with these at all. The KEF 105.2 sound wonderful at low volume as well. That's how I usually play these as they are part of a "loft" system that I turn on during early weekend mornings. I have these paired with my McIntosh MC 2100 and an Adcom Pre-amp.

Update: community member, Tony sent in this link to a KEF user forum - great info there - thanks Tony!

If you have any stories or photos of your KEF 105.2 speakers, please leave a comment or email me.

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KEF Audio's 105.2 official page.


  1. Dr. Keith Middlehurst CompTIA A+ Net+May 8, 2010 at 5:31 PM

    Good old days. I got John Wright Reference Monitors TDL's super stuff. Looked at Kef's, Tannoys, just had to have Johns speakers.

  2. I have two KEF 105 series II, I give them a grade of a B+. Sound great, owned since 1994. What are they worth? I saw some go on ebay for 2100K.

  3. Hmmm... 2,100 is collector-crazy price. In very good condition these may fetch half that. Typically, on the few rare occasions I've seen these, they usually get around $750 - $1,000. Thanks for writing in! -- Tom

  4. No one was any luck reforming these? Or must the woofers be rebuilt?

  5. These woofers don't have foam surrounds, they have rubber - accordian-like surrounds, so rebuilding is your only option.

  6. It was by sheer luck I happened on your site and read the feedback inherent with these speakers - the buzzing. Your suggestion of rotating the woofer has fixed the problem. I can't thank you enough for this suggestion.

    January 16, 2012

  7. Glad I could be of help! I get dozens of hits per day for these KEF speakers, so I know there are quite a few 103 collectors out there. Thanks for chiming in!

  8. Hello,

    i emailed KEF USA regarding replacement and her is their response:

    I'm sorry to inform you but replacement woofers for the 105.2 are no longer available. The original woofers can be Recone (rebuilt) as long as the baskets are in good condition. The cost for this service would be $210 per woofer plus shipping. If you are interested in having the woofers serviced I would need to issue an RA# but in order to do so I would need your complete address as well as a good contact number.

    do you guys think it is worth it?

  9. Speakerboy - This is very good information - thank you for posting this comment. If the other drivers and the speaker cabinets/crossover are in good condition, then I would spend the $420 getting these reconed. Shipping to the UK will be expensive though. Did you happen to see my post regarding the Peerless woofers that you can use instead?

  10. I realize this thread is kind of dated now but if there is anyone in need of having their B300's rebuilt for the 105/2 here in the US, John at Van L Speakerworks in Chicago does a fantastic job for just $75 per woofer. Here is a link.

  11. I have just inherited a pair of 105's (105.2 I think judging by pics) they have covers that go over the complete unit.
    I am in the UK, any idea on value, I think they are too good to use in the workshop!

  12. I got the 105.4, 30+ years of age and they sound....awesome!

  13. I love these speakers. 105s are definitely one of the most listenable, beautifully imaging and holographic speakers Kef ever made. They stand up well to most anything made even today. While you can find more detailed speakers you won't find more natural easy to listen to ones than Kef 105s. The ultimate pipe a slippers speaker and a true classic. Weaknesses?, the bass can be a bit leaden and doesn't gel so well with the mids and highs. They can also sound dynamically a bit stunted compared to JBLs and other high efficiency stuff so they are not suited for rec room rock parties. But if you want to turn off the lights and bask in beautifully focused, clean, sweet and grain free music the 105s are the ticket.



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