Sunday, April 19, 2009

Receiver - Fisher 450-T

There are quite a few vintage Fisher collectors out there, and I ended up trading this nice unit to one for a pair of JBL bookshelf speakers. This Fisher had the optional, RK-40 remote control. Quite an advanced unit for its day, the 450-T sported a scan function in its tuner so you could remotely search for the next station on the dial or let it pick the next strongest station for you. This particular unit had a really nice walnut cabinet which had only a couple of tiny blemishes on it. By the collector's wide eyes, I could have probably asked for the keys to his car as well - he was quite taken by this 450-T. Apparently, the remote is hard to find these days, and the auto-scan function is rarely in working order. Finding value for these isn't always easy, and collectors will claw over each other to find one in great physical condition because they can always get the insides working one way or another.

How did it sound? It sounded fine (lots of help here, I know. . .) - a lot like many of the 1970 early solid state units Ive had in the past like my Harmon Kardon thirty three, Sansui 5000, etc. Again, who knows how this sounded 38 years ago when it rolled off the line. So many changes to the sound over so many years. I suppose it's fair to rate these more on how they look than sound. I've got an article in the works that I'll post on that talks about rating the sound of vintage units. Stay tuned.

Have any photos or stories about your Fisher 450-T, please leave a comment or send an email.

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  1. I have a GI issue 450T from the Milroy, Pa plant. I grew up with it in my grandparents house and when we remodeled my gram did not want to keep it. It had a real-to-real tape, and record player as well as the solid state speakers.

  2. IM looking to sell my Fisher 450T I bought in 1971, It has the scanner and it works. Condition is perfect with the walnut case. IM located in NYC area. Any advice?

  3. WOW ok . Idk if ur old enough to recall these Fisher Unit 500TX n 450 TX , Sansui s amps /receivers . All were great . I had Sansui 5000A , my neighbors had 450 & 500TX . All sounded great , except the Fisher units would be shopped out a lot w/ FM problems , or it going dead in thunderstorms on or off . Their non FM remote receivers dint suffer this . There were Fishers lower piced untis . I was advised by the 500TX owner to go Sansui . Glad I did . He was right ,U nevre saw them in repair shops . I got 8 yrs out of mine .



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