Monday, April 20, 2009

Speakers - Sony SSU-1070

I'll admit it - I don't own these speakers, nor were the photos sent in by a member of our community. I saw these at a local thrift store and nearly bought them, but decided against it at the last minute as I remembered the look on my wife's face the last time I brought home a pair of large, wooden speakers. . .sadly, this was only last week. So, I snapped a couple of photos, plugged them into an Akai A/V receiver and tuned in our local college jazz station.

How did they sound? You've heard it before - different types of speakers sound better with different types of music. Well these two-way Sony's sounded great with George Benson, Affirmation. It's not just a myth - what they say about two-way speakers sounding great with a stand-up bass and cymbols. I flipped the dial (or pushed the button - damn digital tuning!) over to a classic rock station and U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday didn't have nearly the impact. I probably should have spent the $29.00 and kept them in my trunk until I could sneak them into the garage under the cloak of darkness. Then again, how often do I get the chance to just sit and listen to jazz?

One more thing. There's much to be said about the simplicity of the two-way loudspeaker. The Advent Loudspeaker is an excellent example of one manufacturer who got it right. The Harmon Kardon HK-20 was another. I'm sure you have many more two-way's to brag about. Contrast this pair of Sony's to the Sansui 4-way, 5 speaker, SP-3200. These were very well-made speakers, but do more drivers mean better sound? Just because you can add the sixth driver, should you? Check out my review of the Sansui SP-3200, then reflect on your own experience with multiple drivers in any cabinet design.

Have any photos or stories about your Sony SSU-1070 speakers? Please leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. Hi, I just cleaned up a pair of these.. not bad set. Simple basic sound. Do you know what year they might have been built???



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