Friday, April 3, 2009

Receiver - Yamaha CR-840

This 60 WPC Yamaha CR-840 has some condition issues, and unfortunately those manifested themselves as oxidation pits and some rust. Looks like the previous owner had left this in a damp garage for the last decade or so. Still, it's nice-looking and sounds great.

How does it sound? A little warmer than I remember the other Yamaha receivers sounding. Again, with 30-year-old gear, capacitors go out of spec, wiring connections go bad, etc., so sound variance between even the same models isn't rare. Still sounds nice though - a little less "natural" sounding than most other Yamahas, and that's okay with me.

If you have any photos or stories about your Yamaha CR-840 Receiver, please leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. Hi, I'll try and comment, hope I don't need an account or anything..
    Many years ago I purchased my CR840 from Magnolia Hi-Fi's 1st store in Seattle. I was not rich but I wanted a sweet music system. Bill Russell, Sonics coach was in the store also..Oh memories...Well it died but I saved it, I hate the throw-away world we have now. Anyway last year I took it to a shop on Aurora Ave. N. This gentleman is a wizard with electronics..He took it apart and found a penny in it..He cleaned it up, new lights etc. I just hooked it up in my shop out in the mtns where I live n seriesow..I just stood back in awe at the great sound..Even my 62yr old ears could enjoy it. Tonight I went on the net to see how much power it had because I need some bookshelf speakers better than the one's I had..I have found so many sites of people who enjoy the Yamaha CR

  2. Believe I blew out my tranformer on this unit and was curious as to how impossible it would be to find a replacement?? Anyone with any knowledge to share on this unit, would be greatly appreciated?? Had it since 1980, tough to part with. Would like to try to repair. Tried OakTree Vintage to no avail. How ofter do items like this come up?? Saw a guy with a CR-2010? PS on Ebay and according to Oaktree 95+% of the items are not interchangeable. Can anyone confirm that number??

  3. Well... four years since a comment, so one is due (seeing as how I just picked up a Yamaha CR-940.

    I've still to fully test this unit, as I just now hooked it up after bringing home from the local GW.

    Upon first powering up to test, the first apparent issue was a volume pot so scratchy it popped painfully (my ears are still ringing!) - that's not good!

    I immediately took its cover off and gave all the posts and some of the switches a good shot of control cleaner. That seemed to do it. Sounds great, now!

    So, my comment (other than the above) is this: I believe this was giving a previous owner grief (those scratchy pots), and they, thinking it had lived its useful life, sent it to thrift-store heaven, whereupon, I rescued it. I'm hoping my little bit of attention may have given this hefty gem a new lease on life.

    Ian M. San Mateo, CA

  4. 8/2/16 I just stumbled on this site, I inherited a CR-840 as I am a Fan for Japans Yamaha equipment. I took it to some folks in South City GM's near the Cow Palace Great work I am enjoying the sound Chick Corea on Vynnl. Thinking about some Klipsh Heresys Now that they have come down in Price and I can afford them. These older up graded Kenwoods sound OK to me, but who Knows



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