Thursday, May 7, 2009

Receiver - Sansui 2000X

Okay, what do the following have in common: Carmen Electra, Elizabeth Berkeley, Cameron Diaz, Sansui 2000X?

Probably more than you think.

1) They all were once considered the hottest item on the block.
2) They all have the potential of being quite stunning, depending on how well maintained they are.
3) They were all “born” in 1972.

The 2000X was one of my first vintage receivers. I found this one and a Sansui 5000 the same week and was immediately hooked on the vintage Sansui sound. With 39 watts per channel, the 2000X wasn’t a powerhouse, but remember folks – these were 1972 watts, made to be played through 1972 speakers which were rated at 30 watts continuous, 45 peak! In ten short years they’d be making boom boxes with more power, but for the Nixon era, the 2000X had enough power to draw in the neighbors for a Saturday night lunar landing BBQ.

How does it sound? Warm and full of static, but that’s not the receiver’s fault. I’m sure in its day it sounded great. The board components, caps have gone out of spec on mine and I’ve got one heck of a DC offset problem as well. BUT, like Carmen, Elizabeth, and the rest, a few minor glitches won’t tarnish this star. Someday, the 2000X will have a comeback, and when it does, it will once again rock the neighborhood under a summer sky.

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  1. I am the proud owner of a Sansui 2000x receiver. I had about 12 years and for the most part, it has worked great. I have a hard time keeping bulbs in it, and the balance control is physically messed up. The sound is the best I ever heard for a unit in this class.,and the build is great. A few years ago, I found a website that says it was made in 1969, but it could be wrong, however that is what I have believed to be true. If it was made in 1972 would be nice, too, since that is the year I graduated from High School. I give my unit 8 stars.

  2. I have one too great unit and great sound

  3. the third digit of the series number indicates the year of production

  4. I loved the very good FM on my 2000X--the mpx noise limiter did good things in my situation. I miss it, but it got edged out in the 'low-power' role by the lovely soundfield provided by a Marantz 2230.

  5. My 2000x blew away my 2250. 2000x produced better image and greater scale plus better separation and timing was awesome. They were both fully re-capped but Marantz had no changes to the sound and on the other hand Sansui was at least 50% better after a re-cap and blew Marantz away.

  6. In good condition the 2000x is a real sleeper. Definitely one of the sweeter sounding pieces of it's time. Sounds great with Dynaco A35s.



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