Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Turntable - Thorens TD125

I bought this turntable a couple of years ago from an estate sale near San Diego. It wasn't working correctly at first - had trouble keeping a steady speed, but after about a week I noticed it slowly getting better. It's been fine ever since. It's so rare to witness a complicated mechanical device healing itself that I felt compelled to share my enthusiasm with my family. I broke the news over dinner, "My Thorens TD125 turntable has miraculously healed itself! It was experiencing horrific wow and flutter, but now it seems just fine!" . . .one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi. . ."Swell dad, can you pass the broccoflower?"

Why is there such a rift between audio enthusiasts and the rest of the population? A question, I suppose, best left for the community - that's you, by the way. What do you think? Are you alone in your passion for vintage gear, or has this become a family hobby along the lines of playing Jarts, wake-boarding, or camping?

How does the Thorens sound? Great! Audio Technica $29 cartridge should probably be replaced by something worthy of the SME tonearm, but I'll get around to it someday. The dustcover was cracked in several places, but it's functional.

Here's an entire InterWeb page dedicated to the Thorens TD125. Enjoy.

UPDATE: community member (I have to think of a shorter name for that), Tony, sent us this link for Thorens which also has restoration information. Thanks Tony!

Have any photos or stories about your Thorens TD125? Please leave a comment or email me.

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  1. I had been looking for a Thorens TD 125 for quite a while, but they always went for too much money. One day I was at a restaurant with my brother and after dinner I went to the bathroom to make some place for a dessert, I checked a classifieds site with my phone and found that some guy had put a great looking 125 up for sale, just minutes before. He wanted about $300 for it, which is very cheap over here (Scandinavia). I called him, still sitting on the toilet and he agreed to sell it to me. When I got it home I found it had a great cartridge on it. I already had a Ortofon 2M Black, so I sold the cartridge for $100. In the end the 125 cost me $200. I'm never parting with it.



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