Monday, May 18, 2009

Receiver - Pioneer SX-939

I didn’t purchase this Pioneer SX-939 because the guy at the pawn shop had been told by his “source” that it was worth over $500. Even producing a print out from the Orion Blue Book couldn’t convince him to accept my offer of a very reasonable $160. So, I snapped this photo and walked out. I think the owner wanted it for himself, but if someone with enough cash walked through the door. . .well, everyone has their price.

I have never been a huge fan of the looks of the darker-faced pioneer gear from the early 1970s, and I think I know why. They say you covet what you know, familiar things. Wait, Hannibal Lecter said that. . .well, this wouldn’t be the first quote on this site form a psychopath. I didn’t start coveting hi-fi gear until I was about 12 years old. That would put the year at 1977 - past the dark-faced gear – into the brighter-faced, clear glass and stainless look. Those early days of cutting ads out of catalogs and audio magazines and taping them to my bedroom wall laid the foundation for my affinity toward the mid-to-late-70s gear I have today.

What? You had posters of Corvette’s and Charlie’s Angels on your wall as a teenager? What kind of a freak??? . . . Ahem, yes – those might be considered more “normal” things to lust after as an adolescent. Well, it took 20 years before I could afford the gear I always wanted, and another ten before collecting became an obsession, errr – hobby. So – now I collect the gear I once couldn’t afford, and instead of a wall filled with advertisements I have racks filled with actual gear. And oh yes, just for a dash of retroactive karmic adjustment, I also have a poster of Kate Jackson in a bikini on my garage wall.

Have any stories or photos about your Pioneer SX-939? Please leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. Hi! I have an SX-939 I purchased at RAF Alconbury, U.K. in 1975. Condition is excellent. Works perfectly. Sounds awesome. Still have the receipt. Always kept indoors. Haven't seen a better looking one anywhere. I always appreciated the significance of this machine and treated it accordingly. Anyone have thoughts they want to share?

    1. I also purchased one at Alconbury in 1975. Still have it and it's in near perfect condition. Also have the receipt. Agree! A unit to be appreciated. I was in the 32nd TRS as a photo interpreter during 74/75.

  2. I have an 838 that I absolutely love, having coveted it since about 1974, when I was, er, 12! I guess your theory is correct. I gave my son my SX-850, I prefer blue lights on everything.

  3. I have a 939, advertising brochure and owner's manual - am moving and would like to sell.

  4. I bought a pioneer Model sx-939 for $10... Sounds awesome and was a great buy...



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