Saturday, May 16, 2009

Speakers - Klipsch KG 4.2

Technically speaking, the Khorn's folded bass "corner horn" can be described as a bifurcated trihedral exponential wave transmission line. . .

What the *$#%$%!!?? all I wanted to find out was what a Klipsch Tractrix Horn is, and I got an earful of speakergeek technobable.

These KG 4.2 speakers were on loan from my buddy, Bill who didn’t want his wife seeing him taking them into their den. He left them with me for a week until she went to Vegas with her sister. During that week I had an opportunity to try them with a variety of music, and found them to be quite musical. Some people don’t like horn-loaded designs, but Klipsch definitely had time to refine this technology, and they sounded quite nice.

How did they sound? The mids and highs were clean, but not overly bright or forward. The bass was tight, but a little muddy until I raised them off the floor by two inches. The bass flattened out fine after that. Could have been caused by my floor material – mud. Naw, cement.

When Bill finally came back to pick them up I offered him my Realistic Mach One pair plus two cases of Pacifico for the KG’s, but he just laughed. He did, however, drink two beers in my garage and take a six pack out to his truck with his speakers. Claimed the six pack was my "rental payment." With friends like that. . . Thanks Bill!

If you have any stories of photos about your Klipsch KG 4.2, please leave a comment or email me.

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  1. Just bought a pair of KG 4.2s from a church rummage sale. Was there at the start and paid $150. Came by the next day and was called "that speaker guy" cause alot of the members kids had wanted them when they heard they were for sale.

  2. Just purchased a pair off eBay, paid $350. Which I understand is on the high side, however these were in great shape and I'm impatient. I plan to hook them up tonight for the first time. Everyone suggests to change the caps on the crossover. What other things can I do to update/modify these? Thanks



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